Sunday, June 3, 2018

Former FBI and DOJ intelligence officials are positioning within media to spin for imminent Inspector General report.

This is a post made to the Last Refuge, the Conservative Treehouse by the rag tag bunch of conservative misfits known as Sundance.

Those guys sure are smart.

I don't have cable anymore so I wouldn't know this. And I don't watch any of the network news shows, especially their political reports because they are simply not credible so I have no direct way of knowing how bad the situation has become. I need people like Sundance to describe the situation. It would be risible were it not so lastingly tragic.

These are the paragraphs that lodged in my mind after reading them. I've been disturbed / heartbroken / amused as if watching a pathetic comedy since reading them yesterday. Shown here reversed from their presentation on the Last Refuge.
If the head of the KGB was an analyst for Russia Today, people would laugh. The New York Times would continue pointing at the example as a reason never to believe the stories. Yet, identically, former CIA Director John Brennan is on TV daily and almost no-one gives it a second thought.
But we do though, give it second, third, fourth and fifth thoughts.
What we are now witnessing is something far beyond Pravda and Baghdad Bob. What we now see is an even more severe distortion of media; an alternate reality created as if the Stasi and Tokyo Rose joined forces to take control of U.S. broadcasts.
That understates it. There are so many of them. Highlighted is one Josh Campbell, a former adviser to Ben Rhodes, a youngster, a boy, compared to the rest of the creaky old men whom you wouldn't buy a used car from, far less trust with national intelligence, or any reporting whatsoever.
Former CIA Director John Brennan now working for NBC; former DNI James Clapper now working for CNN; former FBI Chief Legal Counsel James Baker now working for Lawfare blog; former FBI Supervisory Special Agent Josh Campbell now working for CNN; former Obama adviser Ben Rhodes now working for MSNBC…. the list goes on. All motives transparently political.
What? I wish they would have continued expanding the list. I'd like to have all of the names. So that we can mock them. I suppose these media channels consider themselves lucky to have such government luminaries joining their team but surely they realize by having them they're destroying their own credibility. They are very far from disinterested observers. They must know their own audiences still with them are too thick and slow on the uptake, too thoroughly partisan, to feel and to know how ridiculous this is, too much like a joke about the old USSR. It's too ridiculous to take seriously. They've literally turned themselves into jokes about corruption in both media and government.

And it's not funny.

Luckily you don't have to be a member Twitter to find and look at people's tweets. Duckduck go [josh campbell twitter] gives you the site top of results. It's like magic. Josh Campbell is highlighted in the post at the Last Refuge, He actually tweeted this:
Ya think? That's where Instapundit would say "Calling Fox Butterfield."  
Chris Cillizza, there's a reliable disinterested non partisan source of information for you. </sarc>

Here we are, this is the tweet presented on the Last Refuge.
Gosh, Josh, you're a regular soothsayer. The president doesn't need to find a way to make it about himself. The two investigations are linked inextricably, two sides of the same coin; FBI covered for Hillary Clinton so insanely, so ridiculously, they made cartoons of themselves, while simultaneously seeking to prevent Donald Trump from being elected and failing at that to damage his administration so severely that he cannot get anything done. And that's still going on. Now you've failed at that too, and here you are positioned in media propounding your obvious bullshit. You've made, are making,  media, national intelligence agencies, and the previous administration, all them, into global and historical jokes. Very bad jokes. 

Welcome to the most breathtaking political scandal of several lifetimes. An entire chapter in future American history books. Ultimately a tale about how American voters rose up and delivered a civics lesson about their own representation in government that lastingly altered the Republican party in precisely the same way the Whigs were wrenched into the Republican party, for representation, and how painfully and with such tremendous resistance that powerful lesson is received, by Republicans, by Democrats, by government, and by national media.

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Clearly, they expect no mercy from The Donald.