Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Olukai Nohea Moku

It's a brand of shoe. I'm tired of looking, tired of reading reviews. I find one that I think I can live with, choose a color then size, and one after another my size is sold out.

I go straight for the bad reviews, and those people don't mess around. They provide photos of what they are complaining about and they are successful in driving me off to keep looking. But then, even the old reliable brands that cost double and triple have the same problems. And those complainers are angry because the brands they relied on for decades suddenly went to inferior materials and workmanship. The various lines of Speery top-siders, for example. People who actually wear them on their boats are not happy. They counted on quality and now they're not having it.

So I found one that is not actually cheap that should do for the summer. But first I read the negative reviews, and I was thinking, "fine, what are you guys complaining about this time?" Only 1% negative reviews.
Now check this out ! I am 71 years old and dress hip for my age. When I wear my Olukai shoes, I get a lot of compliments. I have 3 pairs and colors. It is the same whether I wear casual or dressy. Anyway, we know the young dudes look good, but I need to kick it up a notch. Slam Dunk!
Ha ha ha ha ha, you goofball. He meant to rate 5 stars.

He bought blues ones. I'm not sure, but I think they're made for people to fold in the heel so they can be worn slovenly as slippers. 

Just under 100 bucks. And I'm thinking, fine, I need something for summer. It's like a million degrees around here, possibly 90, and I'm tired of being overheated. I also bought short pants. 

Short pants!

For crying out loud. I look like a f'k'n dope in 'em. But who cares? Now I look like a dope, just like you.

So I go to checkout and the message says my cost could be 0.00 if I used my Discover points. So I got these shoes in blue for free. Cash back bonus points or something. I didn't even know those things were adding up. 

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