Sunday, June 24, 2018

Oh, how we laughed and laughed.

I meant to say, how I laughed. At two things. Yelp reviews of Red Hen and comments to Yahoo article on Melania Trump's message-raincoat.

Red Hen, Lexington & Yelp

As you know Sarah Huckabee and group were dismissed from Red Hen restaurant. People pro and con went straight to Yelp. Yelp put up this  message:
This business recently made waves in the news, which often means that people come to this page to post their views on the news.
While we don’t take a stand one way or the other when it comes to these news events, we do work to remove both positive and negative posts that appear to be motivated more by the news coverage itself than the reviewer’s personal consumer experience with the business.
As a result, your posts to this page may be removed as part of our cleanup process beginning Saturday, June 23, 2018, but you should feel free to post your thoughts about the recent media coverage for this business on Yelp Talk at any time.
But part of some of the messages still show. Just barely. They're faded by 99%. How frustrating! I want to read them. If they show partially, that means at least some are still there. B-click to "view source" of the page. Sure enough, there they are. At least some of them.

Good Lord, these people have imaginations. And they straight up lie. About getting food poisoning, then they give themselves away by including something political.

Let's read some. So you can laugh too.

You have to read through a ton of code for the page, and then this:

* Liberalism is a mental disease

Avoid this eating establishment
Yelp is very liberal and very dishonest.
Yelp will allow fake reviews on businesses if they are they are not liberals, but will turn off the reviews on  a liberal business.
Very dishonest.
Google is doing the same.
They are all liberal organizations.
Very dishonest .
Yelp no longer has any validity.

* Disappointing Would Be Generous
Violently sick immediately after dinner!

They should be reported to the Health Department!

We were in Lexington for our niece's wedding last weekend and the HEN was highly recommended.  Immediately after dinner and before we could leave; both my my wife and daughter were violently sick in the restroom throwing up!  It was clearly an aggressive bactertoxin from the food.

We had a busy day and had not eaten anything prior to dinner and we were not exposed to anyone who was ill. The only thing in common was that they both ordered and ate the heirloom tomatoes and seafood.  My wife had the yellowfin tuna, my  daughter had the linguine with crab / shrimp, and I had the steak.

The tomatoes were hardly heirloom, more like "hot house" Walmart tomatoes. Steak was mediocre, however, I'm picky because I prepare amazing grilled over smoke steak at home. Needless to say food the Red Hen was not great and worse yet most likely the seafood made my ladies sick!

Also, unfortunately staff were mediocre gossips!  Should be called the Delusional Blue Clucking Hens.  Avoid at all costs.

* Not good, definitely not good
This is wrong
Completely wrong behavior
I will never eat there
So sad
It doesn't even deserve one star.

* Nothing was terrible but nothing was great
Food was mediocre on our plates

Seems to me they rest on their past rep
The menu is old lacking any pep

Now that the owners who all wear P***Y hats
See the pix here to see that's a fact

Want to take a stand and refuse to serve
Someone they disagree with raw raging nerve

So they can alienate half of their crowd
And when sales fall will scream out loud

My job is done, see you all later
Enjoy the prosperity and not be a Trump hater

The point of the tome was to show there is choice
And everyone here has an equal voice

Surprised to see a lot of support
While laughing at others who are not good sports

Eat here if you want but it's not for me
I'll go where there is fairness for all to see

I may not agree with all those I meet
But will strive to be pleasant as we pass on the street

Peace out.

* How is it ok for Christian bakers to be sued and put out of business for refusing to do business with someone they disagree with but it's ok for liberals to do it?

Look up "hypocrite" in the dictionary and you'll be directed to the definition of a liberal.

It's only hate if you disagree with them.

**eye roll**

* There were cockroaches on the floor in broad daylight

Saw a worker cuss out a customer

I will never eat here again.

* This restaurant has the worst service and has the most disgusting food
The bathrooms are filthy and I worried about how clean the kitchen prep area was
Chicken was dry and tasteless
Don't waste your money
Stay home and get CHINESE delivered
I actually had food poisoning from their vegetable served with the chicken
l never eat there again and I am a Hillary supporter
*Poor service and terrible judgement. Their food leans left and spoils right away. They wouldn't serve me bc I love my country and my president.
I'm not sure why my political leanings matter but to them it does so I was asked to leave.

* My foodie boyfriend and I call it the Red Phlegm because the preparation of the food is so problematic.

With our finally-tuned gourmet proclivities, it is impossible to know whether this place is really worthy of what some snobby Virginians call "it's greatness" or shall we beg to differ? I am differing.

Wilted lettuce in a house salad on a hot day? N'est-ce pas! A delicate lamb dish gritty and chewy? Horriblement! Coffee cups with cheap lipstick stains on them? Est un crime! Beltway hookers out front waiting for a take-out order? Mais non! Sacre Bleu!

Whatever the politics of the proprietor, I am recommending her dining establishment be paid a visit from Hell's Kitchen chef Gordon Ramsay. Some tough love from that miserable limey POS is just what this shabby excuse for a restaurant needs!

Horrible Service. Food is grease & probably has salmonella.
Hair on the napkin. Deserves a ZERO.
This palce should be shut down

* I explained that the restaurant has certain standards that I feel it has to uphold".  Obviously, Tolerance is not one of them. It's becoming commonplace.  I hope your business fails!

Massive Display of Bigotry !!!

A Bigot Owns this restaurant!!

Stay away!!!

* What THIS restaurant owner did was a "No Republicans" which stinks of the old "Whites only, No Blacks"
They were seated and the restaurant you refused to serve them, what is the real reason ????????????????????????????
If you make something you should serve it, remember they did not tell you how to decorate it.

* Click on this tweet for @PressSec statement:

* Disgusting but if you go must go make sure to order the #HatePlate #BoycottTheRedHen #LoveSarahSanders #Respect45 #Trump2020 #KeepAmericaGreat #ResistTheResistance #LiberalismFindACure

The mere thought of eating here again just made me throw up in my mouth a little.

* Democrats refusing service again, wasn't long ago it was due to skin color.

It seems only democrats have the right to refuse service.  Good Christians refuse to put certain decorations on a cake, that's not ok.  Democrats refuse service due to political affiliation and that's somehow ok.

Yet another reason the correct person is in the white house.

As you know Melania Trump wore a cheap raincoat with a provocative message for the media. She wore it boarding a plane and exiting a plane then removed it to visit a hospital for children. But media reports her wearing the message-raincoat to visit a children's hospital. They cannot even get that part straight.

The author of the article that Yahoo picked up plays stupid. Donald Trump told them what the messages means and who the message is for, but writer act like they don't know so then they can ask, "is it because Donald Trump visited a hooker decades ago and Melania is saying she doesn't care?" Crap like that.

But commenters are having none of it. Not one bit. Instead, all commenters remark how awesome Melania is, how beautiful she is, how classy she is, how much an improvement she is, that she's the best first lady we've ever had, how they love her so much.

Total journalistic narrative collapse.

A sample:

* Total support and love for our First Lady

* Awesome!!

* Melania is awesome!!! She played the media like a violin.

* Thank you, Melania. What a gracious, dignified First Lady you are!!

* I think Rod Stewart said it best: "You Wear It Well"

* We love you Melania! Thank you for advocating for the children <3

* Melania, the only person I know that can wear a $39 jacket and look like a million...

* Melania is amazing. SO proud to have her as our First Lady!

* Melania - Our Jackie O - Amazing 1st Lady... Such a refreshing change...


* melania is trolling the left and the left, as usual, does not get it.

* Melania has refused to engage with the media and her recent jacket expresses her thoughts perfectly. The pussybow blouse was a perfect example of how she refuses to be cowed by what the media does. I believe that she realized from the very beginning that her relationship even before marriage was going to be criticized and controversial and dealt with it on her own terms. It really doesn’t matter what we think of Donald and Melania’s relationship because that’s a private matter between husband and wife. She is astute enough to realize that the media bias will not change and lets everyone know in her own way that she will do things on her own terms. I certainly admire her for continuing to stand up for herself without saying a word.

* If Michelle had worn the same jacket, they'd all be rushing out to buy one just like it!

* It would seem that there were more questions asked in this one article (about Melania) than the whole 8 years of Obama Presidency!

* The best, smartest, and most beautiful First Lady America has ever had the honor to have!

* Our First Hotty...

* "...the internet was convulsed..." No. The so-called journalists were.

* a beautiful first lady, something we havnt seen in a long time

* She's made khaki green the color to be seen in.

* You would think she complied FBI documents on DNC congressman by the reaction from the media.

* "As the United States grapples with a political crisis sparked by the forcible separation of migrant children from their parents,..."

There is no crisis except in the mainstream media. Nothing has changed with respect to children and mothers at the border in several years except the anti-Trump media is running out of legitimate bashing stories, so they manufacture them.

* Loved the jacket. Loved the frenzy it caused in the get over it. She traveled to the ends of the earth to check out the situation. Of course she cares.

* Like watching a cat toying with a mouse, with the media being the mouse.

* What "missteps"? Who defines them? Face it; Melania is both extremely hot AND the First Lady of the United States. We have not had that combination in many years.

* She is stunning and brilliant. A treat for Americans.

* The most attractive part of Melania is she can think for herself. Trump is a lucky man.

* Melania is 1st class, much like Laura Bush. We slipped a little in between.

* If she and Donald built a million dollar shelter for kids, the left would say it is in the wrong place. Sad, sad, sad.

* All these speculations and feigned outrage. I think she is saying that she doesn't care about the negative things people say about her. It's a prescient response, given the hideous comments by Peter Fonda.

* She’s no Hillary, that’s for sure :)

* She's right, fact is people really don't care about the never ending 'crisis du jour' ginned up by the fake news media. The world is not ending and they can't make us believe that it is.

* People accuse President Trump of being anti-immigrant; however, he is married to a legal immigrant who became a US citizen. Her example is what immigrants should aspire to achieve. Before you slam me: I realize she was a model and had lots of resources, but LEGAL immigration is the ONLY allowable, acceptable way to enter this great nation.

* So classy. The woman never signed up to be first lady but she is representing her (adopted) country admirably. Look at women like Samantha Bee or Michelle Wolf and try to convince anyone those two crude and vile raging hags have anywhere the dignity of Melania Trump.

And so on for very many more. Nothing was edited here. Nothing left out.


ampersand said...

Someone refused service should be at the discretion of the owner. No shoes, no shirt, no shit from you, no soup for you.
The civil rights law stuck the governments nose under the tent and that's the mess everyone is in now. The last crappy decision from the SC sliced the gay cake so thin as to let future slimy bureaucrats a leeway to force owners to do stuff against their will.
Earlier courts would have struck down the unconstitutional accommodation provision.
My business, my rules, but that should be for everybody equally.

edutcher said...

Actually, the one I liked best is the guy who hacked their online menu and put erectile dys function on it.

PS amp, if they want it that way, let 'em have it.

Good and hard.

The Left has been pulling stuff like this for at least 50 years and now I want them to get the full measure right back.

If we're going to be honest, however, this sort of thing started with Anthony Kennedy's tortured justification of same sex marriage.

Sixty Grit said...

Cleanup on aisle dono jono.

ricpic said...

I couldn't figure out what Melania was doing with that jacket. According to some of the commenters it was a kiss off message to the media. Could be. Messages sent, messages received. They pass right over my head.

edutcher said...

Well, the restaurant made a big show of closing down last night with this huffy little riposte, "We would like to avoid exposing our patrons to any potential unpleasantness from outside entities".

So, in addition to being Deplorable, we now have the plague.

Guess what, kiddies, it's spreading. Keep acting like jerks. See what it gets you.

Amartel said...

I hope the local population declines to be party to political unpleasantness by inside entities at the Red Hen. BTW, could that name be any more perfect for a social justice dining establishment ?
It's red
It lays eggs
It clucks
It squawks