Sunday, June 24, 2018

Paul and George make pizza

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Paul and George bottled their beer today. While here they came upstairs to make pizza. Neither of them tried this before. I wanted to show them how simple and how versatile and how much better it is than what you can buy, even from people with brick ovens who make pizza everyday all day long. Both of them never made dough before. They whole bread-making thing was a mystery to them.

I was hoping they'd be like the people I encounter online who disparage ham and pineapple pizza.

They surprised me by both saying, "Great!"

When I told them I was disappointed that they both like pineapple and ham pizza they asked why. I told them because online every time pizza is mentioned someone in comments says,  "I don't care what you say, pineapple doesn't belong on pizza. They don't make pizza themselves, they don't try different things, they're not cooks, they're not even critics, they're just narrow-minded little bitches." I was serious. But they thought that was hilarious. "I was hoping to impose it on you and change your minds." As it was we made their favorite pizza from excellent ingredients; very good ham that tastes great by itself and cut thickly, fresh pineapple, excellent cheeses, an entire Vidalia onion and mushrooms both rolled in olive oil, and serrano chiles in place of jalapeƱo because the ones at the store were large and fat and sometimes those are too mild. The serranos although not considered very hot, actually burned our tongues and lips and throats. They were very hot.

Although overloaded as Chicago style pizzas are, they made the best pizza the three of us ever tasted and that's no idle brag. We surprised ourselves. And we had a blast.

The ham is delicate so it's protected from intense oven heat by a blanket of mozzarella.

The combination of distinct flavors is excellent. They all worked together very well.

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