Saturday, June 16, 2018

How to wrap cable

They're talking about data cable not electric cable. The kind with multiple wires inside them like coaxial cables.

The link at Instapundit goes to The Hard Times to a post that describes how to talk to people who try to help the roadies but do not wrap cable properly by using an unnecessary 4 step program. More interesting than the discussion about how to talk to people are the independent facts sprinkled through. Fact: Incorrect cable coiling is the leading cause of that weird humming noise. Fact: Studies show that over 7,500 sound guys a night suffer through an over-eager drummer or vocalist looking to help. (That sounds made up.)

But the article does not explain how to wrap cable. Instead it refers readers to YouTube videos.


*flounces off to YouTube.*

Oh God, do you have to explain all the wrong things first? Just show us how to do it. 8 minute video.

I did not know that.

This other guy does the same thing differently. 2 minute video.

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Dad Bones said...

On construction sites I used to work on you'd think we enjoyed fighting with tangled up extension cords as if they were live squids that needed to be defeated to get the job done.