Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Justice Kennedy retiring

That wasn't very informative.

Analysis all over the place.

Mitch McConnell: We will vote on Kennedy’s replacement this Fall. Commenters are suggesting this is because of goons mobbing his wife, at least in part. 

Power Line, Breaking: “Chief Justice” Anthony Kennedy to retire. [They are saying as swing vote on a court long divided 5-4 on key issues Kennedy has been effectively "Chief Justice."

Pffft. Who cares? Matthews is irrelevant.

Or she can be her own example and die of decrepitude. Just carry off her mummified carcass still seated. 

Thank you, Ben. Trump already has his list of replacements. When he wants your 2¢ he'll thwap your ear.

It's prosaic as hell. Another opportunity, honor the Constitution, rule of law, Trump should ..., US Senate should ..., founding fathers. 

Bleh. Written by his high school daughter?

Daily Caller, hilarious liberal meltdown over Kennedy. A list of tweets from liberal journalists and activists. 

* f-u-u-u-u-u-c-k

* abortion rights are more imperiled, so too gay rights

* we must organize, strategize, vote and act. Ambivalence not an option. All civil and human rights are at sake. What side are you on? 

I like that. You're American! You don't have a choice not to act. What a dope. (Sharpton) I'm on the side of sanity, you freak.

* As a member of the LGBTQ community, Justice Kennedy being replaced threatens my rights. 

Do, tell us about your sexual life. The details, please. The ups and down, the in and outs, the tops and bottoms, the doms and subs. Your rights as citizen of US are not threatened, you f'k'n moron. Now go have ten cocktails. 

Make 'em smart cocktails.

* How very cool of Justice Kennedy to pour kerosene on the current dumpster fire that is America.

Your precious world is going up in flames. The world you call garbage.

* Fuck. You. Justice. Kennedy.

Sentiment returned. With interest. Really hard. Without protection. Or lube.

* we may have just left the point at which we could rely on democratic norms to fix our government, and are now on the road to literal revolution! 

You have it reversed. Completely. Your poor worn out mind is addled.

* Mark November 6, 2018, on your calendar if you care about working people. And mark every day until then to organize and stop the theft of our democracy.

You're witnessing the return of democracy. Organize all that you like.

* Dont be surprised to see Judge Jeanine Pirro on the shortlist. 

This is fucking scary.

And so on. The whole thing is very funny. And this is how we like to see them. This is the preferred state. Because when they're in power they turn this nation on its head and make a complete muck of all that they say. They lust for power. The power to make everyone else miserable. And when they don't have it, they're perfectly insane. So that's how we prefer them. 

Here is a visual depiction of liberal Twitter.

Grow the f up already.

That's it for me. I've had enough reaction. Just hire another guy and put him/her in place and sort all this crap, so we can do whatever it is we do while these worked up crackpot noise monkeys "organize!"

That reminds me. Toy monkey band organized. Ernie Kovacs, Solfeggio.


edutcher said...

This is a biggie.

Kennedy was an outrageous publicity whore, Arlen Specter, Grahamnesty, and Songbird combined, who loved to be the monkey wrench in the works.

At 83, he's well past his sell-by date. Notorious should soon follow at 85, but I'm betting Breyer first, at 79. Both were appointed by Willie, but you get the feeling RBG is the true believer and Breyer is just another Ozark hack.

edutcher said...

And here's another big PS. Trump says it may be 4 before his first term is up, the Wise Latina is a diabetic.

What does he know?

To invoke an old metaphor, I feel like I'm in a WWII movie and the sky is full of planes.

ndspinelli said...

Just take them one at a time, ed..and breathe.

edutcher said...

I have lots of company. A lot of people have been waiting a long time for this.

I also just love the idea of the Short Shortstop being the only Lefty on the Court (my God, she's starting to look like Lou Costello).

That said, why Kennedy picked now is interesting. Given the way the decisions have been going, could he have just lost heart? If so, we may see a couple more.

Sixty Grit said...

He is an odd and unpredictable bird. He may never tell the true reason, it might be something as simple as he is old and tired. The good news is, he will be gone. Buh bye.

ampersand said...

If their be justice the local government should seize his retirement property for eminent domain purposes. Then left to rot like the Kelo homes.

bagoh20 said...

Why does it takes months to have this vote? Everybody already knows how they are voting regardless of which candidate is chosen.

Oh right. I forgot. Gotta collect the bribes first.

bagoh20 said...

The timing of these retirements is immensely important, so I wonder what brought Kennedy to this right now?

bagoh20 said...

It's almost like Trump ask him to do it now, and he said OK.

Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

It's time for all the 80+ year olds to retire.

but they won't

Fr Martin Fox said...

Yesterday, with the monumental decision against forced union dues for government employees, and then with Justice Kennedy's retirement announcement, was one the best days of my life.

I've waited 30 years for the first, about 25 (after Planned Parenthood v. Casey) for the second.

I'm not even mentioning some other really good things happening, which have no connection other than me. Yesterday was a great day.

Oh, and all the schadenfreudey fun was a bonus (today too)!

Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

Yesterday WAS a great day.