Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Good catch

I'm getting better at this. This is the fourth time within a week I caught something in mid-air. The first three were me knocking something off the counter, a work surface and stove but today the mailman nearly spilled a pile a mail and packages. Caught all the packages before they hit the floor. The whole reflex thing just works automatically.

Use comments to brag about your own catches and saves.


edutcher said...

Butter side up is even better.

Chip Ahoy said...

A kid on B3ta drew an animation of a cat with buttered toast belted to its back. It's dropped and falls through the air, then hovers in space like a magnet, cat with feet downwar, cat upside down with toast facing downward with butter side down, suspended in the air forever. Physics!

MamaM said...

I have caught or better yet, cached a garage full of boxes I don't want to open or bring into our new house. I like the open space and possibilities present in this new interior emptiness.

I feel like I am in mid-air myself, free falling into a new life where I don't yet know how or where I'll land or end up.

Although I'm catching up on the bone tiredness that accompanied our move at the end of May, I am still caught in the overwhelm.

When I read the news and views posted here and elsewhere online, I become further entangled, feeling stymied when it comes to sorting through the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of present day perceptions and realities, with my own mental garage full of the saved and boxed up valuables, accoutrements and clutter from previous experiences and beliefs.

The small town newspaper that covers the town where we now live, still publishes a weekly police log, complete with a two inch description of each encounter, including snippets of conversation between the perpetrators and the police. One moment in time caught, saved, printed and read by me as I attempt to figure out what I currently believe, value and need.

edutcher said...

Mama, just remember The Donald will sort it all out.

The good guys have finally arrived.