Thursday, June 21, 2018

Goodbye Darling.

Trump held a massive rally in Duluth, Minnesota on Wednesday, and not just regular massive this one was YUGE! So massive it had to be relocated from DECC Arena to AMSOIL Arena. I have no idea what that means. Apparently AMSOIL is yuger than DECC, but I wouldn't know. Trump was endorsing a politician there. You have to skip to 2:09:00 to get to Trump's speech to the crowd. It's an entertaining speech. Recommended.

There was one protestor and Trump mocked him as they escorted him out. The crowd loved it.

Washington Examiner captured the moment. Link if it doesn't display.


AllenS said...

Gawd, I like Trump.

edutcher said...

Trump is a Noo Yawkeh.

They do stuff like that.

ricpic said...

Trump's impish sense of humor is driving the humorless beautiful people snobs NUTS!