Monday, June 25, 2018

Bad food

The photos posted to Red Hen Yelp page are killing me. Some of the food-related photos are things that were left to rot or grow mold. Others are genuine food seen in Asia that repulsed western visitors. Others are purposefully made to look gross, while still others are real food failures such as made by people with faint cooking skills. I didn't notice until halfway through that some are the types of things people contrive by scrounging but without knowing what elements combine, or down to the very last items in their pantry. Those half-hearted efforts cracked me up. The first is where I took notice.

This is real food.

There are very many more bad food photos that are actual attempts at combining ingredients, and not parody pictures. 

Cheese out of an pressurized can. Who would even think of that? But then use so much of it on a cracker.

Although I did just recently buy sour cream in a squeeze tube. That seemed like a great idea to keep it from getting blue stuff growing on it. 

And while at the grocery I stopped at the seafood counter where king crab legs were displayed stuck in ice upright like an macabre orange forest designed by Tim Burton, and another display of frogs' legs. Except both legs still together along with the frogs' hips. Hips and legs. Like you could put little pants on them. I felt a bit ill. And intrigued. Then I sort of wanted to try them, like, with 1% curiosity. I told the young woman working behind the counter, "Those frog legs with hips are freaking me out." She said, "Hey, I work here, and honestly, they freak me out too." 

Like this: (Photoshop)


rcocean said...

Beans on toast.

Low cost, Low effort, Low taste.

The perfect meal for those who don't care about food.

Chip Ahoy said...

They dolled it up with cucumbers. That's hilarious.

Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...


Rabel said...

"Beans on toast.'

Been there. Done that. A squirt of mustard gives the plating a pop of color.