Thursday, June 14, 2018

It's not a joke, some people lose their lives because their children thought they played with a toy and it was a real gun.

Then why am I laughing at you? You tell the best jokes without even trying, just being you. Anyone who spends their time watching the British royal family like some kind of archivist down to the details of what some little-known duchess wore on some occasion that nobody else cares about is automatically daft.

This is a tweet by a woman with precious concerns, her whole twitter feed is hilariously light-headed, punctuated by negative re-tweets about Trump. How serious :-(

She's in love with all royal nonsense, dreaming of being there, but despises Trump. And guns, her gun-awareness all through liberal axioms. "Kids die because their parents thought they were playing with toys." Therefore no kid should have a toy gun.

She's kind of right, in her way. I didn't much care for my Kilgore Roy Rogers gun and holster set. [eBay] Apparently all boys my age had them. It was a thing at the time. Real (cheap) leather holster, embossed as tooling, highly decorated with metal conchos such that no real cowboy would ever wear such ridiculous flashy elaborate things, with a belt that didn't fit properly, over your regular belt that holds up your pants, and with straps to tie them to your short little legs so they don't flap all over the place, forcing you into an unnatural walk and impeding your ability to run.

And the red caps on paper rolls were disappointing. You had to load the roll into the gun just so, and set up just so, and the firing of the toy gun had to hit the cap and advance the roll just so, and the whole set up worked unreliably. They went:

Pow! Snap, snap, snap, Pow, snap, snap, snap, snap, Pow! Pow! Pow! Oh good it's working, snap, snap, snap, snapsnapsnapsnap, doggonit. Can't a kid get a good squib around here?

I did not like my guns.

If real guns worked like toy guns there'd be no point to them at all. Nobody would bother owning a real gun. Throwing a rock is better. A spear is better.

Worst toy ever. The indan headdress and bow with arrows that had suctions cups instead of points worked a lot better. I wanted to be an indian. Because of the gun vs bow and arrow. But even those arrows were unreliable. They hardly ever actually stuck. You had to lick them then shoot them at glass and even then they sometimes bounced off. But they were more fun. You actually saw the thing flying through the air. Bows and arrows taught you about physics. How the arrow drops after you shoot it so you must aim higher depending on how far away you are from your target.

But cap guns are better nowadays. The caps are loaded onto plastic rounds. They look more reliable.

The article at the Daily Wire is about watchers of the British royal family objecting to a four-year-old boy, some prince named George, playing with a toy gun. They don't like seeing that, and they presume they have something valuable to say about it. They're ridiculous people and they're rightfully mocked.

Is that adorable or what? He's learning how to aim.
Other photographs showed young George playing with a knife and handcuffs; all part of his fascination with police. Last November, George’s father William got a request list from George for Christmas that had only one item listed: a toy police car.
Other tweets are just as obnoxious. They're seeing news reports of children in the royal family playing with toys and they feel their valued opinions must not be held back. That's how vapid their lives, and how great their self-regard.


* He's 4. He probably thinks he's a dinosaur at any given moment. Probably wants to be the first dinosaur cop. Some people just don't understand or remember being kids.

[Ha ha ha ha ha ha]

* His dad and uncle were in the military. he and his younger sibling probably had guidance in this area in particular. they most likely got the toy gun from their role models. and so what?

* "No child in this day and age should look at any gun as a fun toy."

But it IS a toy. Learn the difference, libtards. Plus, no doubt he's going to do some time in the military when he gets older. It's called LIFE. Get one!

And so on. They're funny.


ricpic said...

Queen Elizabeth has been a bigger traitor to her people than Blair, Cameron and May combined.

edutcher said...

In what way, dare I ask?

And I had tons of toy guns and stuff when I was a kid. Nobody died or anything.

What gets people killed is the Lefty non-judgmental, value neutral, New Morality, religion is for dummies business.

Chip Ahoy said...

Let's ask the internet in case Ricpic doesn't come back.

[how is queen elizabeth a traitor?]

* YouTube video, John discusses how he believes Elizabeth is not the rightful monarch and has proved she is a traitor to the British people by signing out rights away to the EU.
(Muad'Dib / John Hill speaks with Belinda McKenzie - truth campaigner in the garden after he was recently found not guilty of perverting the course of Justice by sending DVDs of his film 7/7 Ripple Effect to the trial of three friends of the four alleged 7/7 bombers.)

* Elizabeth I XXXXXX

* The Angry Cheese.: Is Queen Elizabeth 2nd, a Traitor? Did she actually have the right to sign Britain's future over to the E.U?

Okay. I'm ready to bet. It must be agreeing to E.U. Here's my $10.00.

Rabel said...

"Queen Elizabeth has been a bigger traitor to her people than Blair, Cameron and May combined."


edutcher said...

Liz signs what she's told to sign, as I understand it.

ricpic said...

Rabel - The Muslim Invasion, which has changed England for the worse FOREVER, happened on her watch and she chose, CHOSE, to keep her royal mouth shut.

Rabel said...

True, but that doesn't square with your initial comment.

edutcher said...

The Monarch really has no power and, IIRC, can be shuffled off to the side. Remember, if she had been forced to abdicate, Chuck would have stepped into the breach.

Also, how much weight she might have put on either side is questionable. The Monarch is expected to refrain from politics, so a lot of people who otherwise might have agreed with her would have been repelled by such a break with tradition.

Remember the Lefty establishment not only in Blighty, but the world over, was all in favor of this and they were going to get their way. The only MP who really spoke out, Enoch Powell, was marginalized faster than Barry Goldwater in '64.

Sorry, but that thin ice melted a long time ago.