Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Replace the battery for MacBook Air

You don't have to take the thing to the shop for everything.

This is the least annoying of several videos. In one video the guy said he loves his computer and uses it extensively. It's been two years and it's time to get a new battery. I too use my laptop extensively. And it's been six years when the battery went kaput.

Man, this is just like changing the oil in the truck. They say to do it four times a year and I'm like, that's way too many times. I can't keep up with that.

I'm showing this because I want you to see the battery. It's the size of the keyboard and flat as a piece of cardboard. When you buy a new one they send two little screwdrivers. One for pentalope screws and another fo T5 screws.  Pentalope looks like a flower, instead of a Phillips screw, and T5 are itty bitty security screws with heads that look like a Magen David. (Can you imagine being so religiously bigoted that the shape in tiny screws would set you off and make you hate your laptop?)

The screwdrivers are magnetized so it makes handling those tiny things a lot easier. None of the videos mention this. The points on the screwdrivers are so tiny you cannot even see them without a magnifying glass.

Instructions say this takes fifteen minutes but it only takes five minutes.

This is fun and it makes you feel like a technician.

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