Wednesday, June 13, 2018

A picture perfect Merkel Jerk....Like a circle jerk... just with an ugly old broad

You must have seen this photo about the G-7 meeting. Boy that fell down the memory hole quick after Singapore. Anyway every pussy pontification tweeted it and said is showed the great Merkel reading the riot act to a cowering President Trump. What they refuse to see with their lying eyes is the contempt that the God Emperor had for this hectoring Nurse Rachted. She is lecturing. He is adding another point to the tariff on Volkswagon.

What is really significant is the reaction of Prime Minister Abe of Japan. He is just as contemptuous of this addled old whore who wants to import Muslim rapists to rape and murder young Jewish girls. You know the old canard that you need to import immigrants to do the work that Germans don't want to do anymore.

The God Emperor realizes that Europe is not important anymore. They are Anthony Bourdain and they have the belt of their bathrobe tied to the door nob as they import more Muslims who are destroying their countries. Look at England. They have a Muslim mayor and now they have roving gangs of thieves raping robbing and stabbing people while they get away on mopeds. What the fuck?

America has turned it's focus to Asia. China. Korea both North and South. Japan. Vietnam. Indonesia. India. This is where the action will be. Not Russia. Not "Old Europe."

The President is pivoting to Asia to concentrate his attention. He has made a good start with Little Kim. Look the guy wants drugs sex and rock and roll. The idea of building condos on the beaches of Korea is brilliant. That film was just like the one I saw when I was pricing time shares in Hawaii. He can turn around and make his dirt poor country rich by starting manufacturing plants where he can out price both China and Vietnam. His people can have a much better standard of living and Kim can be a hero. As that video is the time. Before some sanctimonious Jimmy Carter/Obama hypocrite fucks it up. Make the deal. Limited time offer. Shit or get off the pot.

Poor Miss Merkel. We aren't going to be involved in your Merkel Jerk anymore.


ricpic said...

Yes! You caught that look of disgust on Abe's face. Japan, in the shadow of China and its puppet, can't afford European level reality denial.

edutcher said...

More than 100 years ago, MacArthur realized the same thing, "It was crystal clear to me that the future and, indeed, the very existence of America, were irrevocably entwined with Asia and its island outposts".

But The God Emperor called it. Look at all those faces at hearing america was no longer Europe's (or Canuckistan's) piggy bank.

ampersand said...

Trump to Shinzō, "I hear this place is restricted, Abe, so don't tell her you're Jewish, okay?

AllenS said...

I've looked at other pictures of this event, and the next one taken right after this one, everyone was smiling.