Monday, June 18, 2018

Chef Motokichi demonstrates his specialty, omurice

It's an omelet made just so and served over fried rice. The video is worth watching just for his fried rice demonstration. We've seen Motokichi before making his omurice by his advanced techniques to the awe of all observers. Andrew of Buzzfeed tried to copy what he saw Motokichi doing, and that's daring right there, then Motokichi saw Andrew's Buzzfeed video and invited Andrew and his crew back to Kyoto for one-on-one instruction. Andrew accepted and then got so worked up about the encounter his nerves were shot. I must say, it's charming watching Andrew put himself in the hands of a master and doing his best to learn as much as he can in the time given. Andrew is a very good student.

I'm trying to understand these people. I am conflicted. I'm not criticizing them, I'm trying to check myself. I do not like Buzzfeed. Not one bit. For reasons too many to list and my objections are frankly irrelevant. How can such idiots with such moronic website be so fun and so interesting? As youthful people they really are fun to watch. As website design and content, apart from these videos, their product is viciously fiercely truly deplorable.

I read through their comments, up to tens of thousands, and they're all empty air-headed. Some of the dumbest comments get favored up to thousands of times, sometimes ten thousand. Puns on the word egg. That was eggcelent, it eggceded eggspectations. Eggcercise, eggspiditous, eggcentric, just go through the dictionary for all words beginning with ex or ec, or ac then substitute the letters egg. There are thousands of possibilities for puns. They're wearisome. Yet the kids find them all eggceptionally eggcessively eggshellently clever.

They're young.

Every one of you would be regarded by them as so extremely witty as to be incomprehensible by your seriously arcane references, by your reservoir of knowledge so vast as to be utterly beyond them. You'd have to tone yourselves way down just to be understood. Why are these people so fun to watch? Why do they seem so fun to be around? They're not stupid, they're young. And they're learning. Watching them exposed to new things and learning from them really is fun. And by showing their learning process to others, they are themselves teachers. They show that you don't have to be packed up full of ultimate knowledge and skill in order to be a good teacher. You can teach by showing your mistakes, your learning curve. Here, Andrew shows how to learn, and his audience adores him for putting himself out there for ridicule, for taking the risk. Go through the comments to this video on YouTube and see they're all children. And they are not bad. They are not deplorable as their website would indicate. They're just young. To comprehend and to fit yourself in to make your vibes match, you have to put yourself forty years back. And that's what chef Motokichi does.

Andrew's previous attempt without Motokichi.

Andrew sounds almost retarded. But he's actually quite bright. He's choosing his phrasing carefully and he's avoiding vocal place fillers and that slows down his speaking. He evokes fondness from the people around him.

Imagine traveling all the way to Japan just to have a guy show you how to flip cooked eggs.


ricpic said...

But is it as good as egg foo young?

AllenS said...

I love egg foo young. Always wondered why is wasn't called egg foo yung.