Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Children crossing the border illegally, detained apart from their parents.

Children again.

Democrats, anti-Trumpers, defeated Republican candidates, repudiated ex-presidents whose policies are being dismantled to the satisfaction of US voters, their wives, celebrities, media, all of Twitter, even people who support ripping unborn children from their mother's womb, believe they have identified a spot of vulnerability and their working it hard.  Real hard.

They always do manage to create a national scab and then pick at that scab ceaselessly. It's a gift. And they do this to have something to talk about other than Trump's impressive successes, even as they work to frustrate solutions to the problems they're complaining about that they created by their policies, their laws, and their impulses, and by their own neglect. I sense the people who put Trump in office to deliver their civic lesson on representation have had enough of this through the past few years to see through it. So the instigators are clamoring for the attention of somebody else.  The accusations so wild and the arguments so lame, the posturing so transparently false, the Twitter feeds so ridiculous so fallacious, so vicious, they prove again why they'll never be trusted. For anything.

But how are they so certain the adults are actually their parents? Because they said so? We've seen children come unaccompanied by the the trainloads. We've seen every manner of tricks. We've seen adults claiming the children are theirs and the same children assert they don't know who the adults are.

A round up.

But who cares to read any of it? Nobody. I imagine. I didn't bother with one single item on this list.

* Hillary Clinton says separating families at border is horrific. Bloomberg.

No it's not. But killing them in the womb certainly is. You haven't proven they're family. And if we wanted your irrelevant 2¢ we'd knock it out of you. We already know what you would do, and why, and it's not because you have tender feeling about keeping families together.

* Feinstein: This is the US, not Nazi Germany -- We don't take children from their parents, until now. Breitbart with video.

Yes we did, Stupid. We haven't had children arriving at the border in numbers amounting to invasion until recently. We haven't had political parties choose to take in a new electorate. Obama's government did the same thing. You should have fixed this when your party had the chance. But you blew it. Again. And mentioning Nazi Germany in your argument means you got nothing. It means you have no sensible position. Poser.

* Jeb Bush: Trump should end heartless policy separating migrant families. The Hill.

His heart again. It's so tender and so big. If he wants to switch illegal border crossers for migrant, that's fine. But don't expect anyone to be fooled by a so-called Republican using Democrat disingenuous language.

* Michell Obama joins Laura Bush in slamming Trump border policy: Sometimes truth transcends party. Newsweek

Now they're transcendentalists. Do, let's hear the truth. You speak as if Trump dreamed up this entire massive illegal infiltration, as if Trump wrote US laws, and if this is all brand new.

* Romney calls for disturbing family separations to stop. Washington Post.


* Years of backlash: Obama policy on illegal immigrants' children was also slammed by critics. Fox News.

It was?  Anything like this coordinated effort to shift the blame to Trump for a situation he inherited from previous Republican and Democrat administrations?

* Contrarily, DHS Secretary Nielsen: Vast, vast majority of child border crossers were sent here alone by their parents.

(2 vasts, and that's a lot vaster than just one vast)  Link goes to Breitbart where they have a video.


edutcher said...

How things have changed. The Bush Administrations would have never dared to look mean-spirited.

Trump doesn't give a damn and fights back.

Guess who the American people support.

Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

Romney and Jeb - F off.

ricpic said...

Over 30K a year to feed, clothe, school and house EACH illegal immigrant child.

How many know that this whole invasion of children from noncontiguous countries to the U.S. is the result of Obama getting the word out to places like Honduras and Guatemala that a loophole in our immigration laws makes them undeportable once they've made it cross the border? Obama the horror.

ampersand said...

Hillary 'Minors crossing border must be sent home' June 2014

ampersand said...

Brood parasites, like cuckoos, lay their eggs in other birds nest. Seems to be happening here.
I've seen some reports that maybe 10000 of these kids are alone. So what's the end result? We take in these kids and they eventually drag in the rest of the family later, so as to not seperate them?

Methadras said...

God, what a lame manufactured scam. Why do GOP fall for this shit time and time again? DHS secretary pretty much popped that bubble of fakery yesterday, but Marxicrats double down on their stupidity and still win. Why? Because the GOP is comprised of pussies who have no spine and no political will.

AJ Lynch said...

My philosophy is take care of your own family and friends and if everyone else did that, the shithole countries would not be shitholes. And their shitty 3rd world residents would not be sneaking into our great country.

So yeah I don't give a damn about these kids. Their illegal immigrant parents should stay where they were and try and fix their shithole countries.