Friday, June 29, 2018

DOJ testifying to Congress

Victory Girls says bring your popcorn. Because Trey Gowdy is interrogating Rod Rosenstein and Christopher Wray and the girls like that.  But that's the thing, it's a show.

And I've lost interest. It's a show for somebody else. They are actors, and very bad actors at that. The shows are 100% inconsequential. The rest of us live in real life, so either censure these people, impeach them, or imprison them, take away their income, prevent them from going elsewhere to thrive in the swamp,  or just shut the f up. Do something.

Trey Gowdy is great to watch but only for his polemic skill. That's it. He wins the argument. So what.  That's not actually worth popcorn.


Here's something possibly more interesting than men in suits playacting. If you are using microwave bags for popcorn, then when it's done, it's better to use scissors and cut a large patch from the side of the bag turning it into a bowl, rather than opening its top. It's a lot less messy that way because you're not sticking your hand into a bag. Seen on microwave popcorn hacks.

And here's some very good salt. I tried a lot of different types salt and I like this one the best. This has a strong mineral quality. It doesn't taste so strongly of sodium chloride. Comes in different granule sizes. I buy the large chunks then run them through the coffee mill that turns it to powder for popcorn. If you sit there and eat the chunks one-by-one, you go wow, this is different, then after a few chunks, zoink, it suddenly hits you right in the gills, pow, KNOCK IT OFF WITH THE SALT! It's a weird physical phenomenon. I just gave away a half pound bag of it, and it was like reaching into the treasury and passing along a gold bar. Those bums better appreciate it. Its color is mineral-gray.

Sundance put up this one yesterday.

And this one.

These people are smug. They know that nothing is going to happen. The anger of a nation means nothing to them because national sentiment is schizophrenic. And they're playing this game for all that it's worth. And that's why ordinary household activities are 10,000 X more interesting than this. Victory Girls can have their popcorn. They like shows. 


edutcher said...

Nothing happens until somebody gets indicted.

Amartel said...

The HOn. Rosenstein, and the rest of the Hons, will keep smiling away until someone gets roasted on a spit. That's the only way Congressional oversight will be taken seriously. For now it's just a talking point, and a boring one at that, given that they have done such a piss poor shoddy job of it to date.

Fr Martin Fox said...

I have a hard time taking the Republicans seriously when this is the way they conduct a hearing. It seems to me that if you really want to drill into a witness, you don't have 30 different questioners; you have one (i.e., for the majority). Have a majority counsel and a minority counsel conduct almost all questioning.

But that means denying the congressmen their chance to preen and bluster for the cameras.

ndspinelli said...

Preening and blustering is what politicians do best.

Lem said...

Rosenstein claimed that no FBI had briefed him on the FISA warrant he had signed, authorizing surveillance on members of the Trump campaign.

Strains credulity that something as rare as a FISA warrant; never mind that they are rare... We are talking about a FISA warrant on Trump's campaign! The guy running for president!

Oh yea, I believe him.

MamaM said...
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MamaM said...

While unpacking a box of books today, I came across one by Dr Gabor Mate on addiction called, Into the Realm of Hungary Ghosts. A few weeks back deborah linked to a video of him presenting at talk in conjunction with his son.

The page I opened to had this underlined in pencil by me several years ago, "I am working on sifting through the need for extremes in my life".

I'm still working on that. When I encounter extremes in politics and culture, I feel the pull of polarization toward the drama and endlessly swirling cycle of Persectutor, Victim, Rescuer attitudes and behavior. Standing outside and apart from it, however, viewing it from a distance as if it were a show or entertainment doesn't work for me either. What I need to find is a place to stand in between the extremes.

Listening to Trey Gowdy today was centering as I heard him expressing truth that resonated with the experience and awareness I hold.

I appreciate that link in particular, and am thankful for the post as I search for helpful and good ways to live and serve as salt and light.

Leland said...

Frankly this stuff bores me. I've seen Trey Gowdy tear up witnesses, and make some damn fine points. But as Ed notes, none of it matters unless someone gets indicted. That hasn't happened after Fast and Furious, not after the IRS targeting of the TEA Party, not after Hillary hiding and destroying government documents, not after Hillary carelessly handling classified information in a manner inconsistent with the law, and not after Hillary's aide pedophile husband's laptop was found with classified material originating from a yahoo account. I'm not holding my breath that Trey Gowdy and his compatriots will step up this time either.

If your name isn't Charlie Brown, and you had a personal acquaintance that teased you this often while never delivering; would you really put up with their nonsense any longer?

William said...

I watched the hearing on C-Span for about an hour. (I hate my life.). Some of the less fiery interrogators were even more damaging in the quiet way they dug in. Wray looked poised but a little smug. Rosenstein looked uncomfortable and less than forthright. Neither man looked to be capable of restoring confidence in the DOJ or the FBI......It was interesting to watch the Dems rally to the defense of the FBI and the Republican Asst AG. I think their support may prove fickle.