Monday, June 25, 2018

While I was typing...

… my most recent post a storm blew up. Knocked out my internet connection. I let the machine sit overnight and everything was okay this morning. But for a minute there things were a bit dicey. The dogs started barking to come in - they were soaking wet - I didn't even know it was raining.

Then I heard thunder and saw some lightning very close at hand. The rain was incredibly intense. As I sat here typing I could see a rainbow in the receding storm.

So I grabbed my trusty cellphone and took a couple of pictures. First, the rainbow:

Then I noticed just how localized the storm was:

Click to enlarge - it really was an amazing storm.

People on the other side of town didn't even get any rain while we got a big ol' mess of it.


windbag said...

We've had explosive thunderstorms the past three days. Power outages all over the county. My wife and I had to go to Asheville today, so we stopped for lunch at the Mellow Mushroom downtown (don't get me started on all the hipster douchebags we saw). We opted to eat inside because it was obviously going to start raining any time. Holy cow, did it rain. When we left, after sitting for awhile waiting for the rain to stop, there was about a six or seven foot wide river running down both sides of the street, next to the curbs. It was about six inches deep, so we had to walk up and down the street, trying to find someplace to cross. Fortunately, when it stopped raining, it stopped like someone turned off a faucet, so we weren't getting soaked while we searched for a dry path.

Levon's little girl:

Sixty Grit said...

That's what I am talkin' about!

As for HDBs, I now, in retrospect, realize I missed a veritable gold mine when I didn't become a tattoo artist when I lost my job in 2002. I could have been rich, rich I'm tellin' ya! Those morons are walking billboards to bad tattoo "art".

ndspinelli said...

Love watching thunderheads pop up in the sky. Even better viewing from an airplane.