Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Whose that girl?

She was the one you were sure you could get because Starsky's brother had the good looking one. She was supposed to marry one guy from Star Trek in the half and half colored guy but instead she ended up marrying Mr. Spock's father.

She also starred in another one of my favorite movies starring the great Policewoman who I post photos of all the time. Plus a bunch of guest shots on such faves as Barney Miller, Here's Lucy, Love American Style and Quincey. She was always the harmless spinster who never got the guy. Or got the nerdy guy Always played the friend of the hot chick. They should have just credited her as "Cock Blocker" on any show she was on. Still she was an icon for the type of roles she played.

Whose that girl?


ampersand said...

Girl? Are you sure? Let's see a blood test.

edutcher said...

If I'm right, she often wore those circular-rimmed glasses popular back than and had a real gift for comedic timing.

And she was Biddie, a recurring character on Here Come The Brides.

For the trip to Hawaii, the car, the house on the beach, a lifetime supply of Reptile Wax, and the scuba gear, I'm going to say Susan Tolsky.

(whom I always liked)

windbag said...

Holy cow, she looks like a girl who used to work for me. Not a twin, but a sister resemblance.

ricpic said...

I'll bet she was better in bed, a lot better, than your standard goddess type.

edutcher said...

And once again, we are left wondering who she is.

Trooper York said...

Ed of course you are right.

That is indeed Biddy from one of my favorite shows of all time "Here Comes the Brides."

It is indeed Susan Tolsky.

Ed we must be almost exact contemporaries as you always get my stories and references. Good job.

edutcher said...

Not always, but close.

And thank you.