Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Peter Fonda off his face

At lest he sounds like he's drunk.

News Busters has his series of tweets, so vile I don't even want to repost them. And one has to ask without wondering why Twitter doesn't ban him for saying harmful things with intention of stirring up riots and possibly murder when they do ban other people for lesser infractions. These tweets are incredibly mean-spirited.

And stupid. Amazingly stupid. They prove Peter Fonda's entire comprehension of anything political is right at the surface at the level of grade schooler. Easily refuted with facts, but none of that could penetrate such a thick skull much less work through such an ossified brain. His brainwave recording is used for the lead-in to Depeche Mode's song People Are People, a microphone scraped across a shopping cart, metal clanging and chains.

One of his incredibly illogical and highly emotional and triggered tweets caused Malinia to notify the Secret Service about an announcement to bring harm to her son, Baron. Fonda is counting on other people to do it. They already have take one of his suggestions to doxx and harass ICE employees.

He won't be shaken by a threat of a Secret Service interview. Know what a visit from Secret Service is like? Here's Sabo working on his Obama toilet seats when SS casually walk up to his window and ask a few innocuous questions. They didn't even come inside. They're  dressed casually. This was when Sabo didn't want us to know what he looks like.

Sabo is a very interesting fellow. He's a kind of artist that I have intense interest while knowing that I most likely wouldn't care to know personally. Too difficult a personality.


edutcher said...

The irony is, in the first one of his tweets, Sleepy Rider hits on the exact reason for the law.

I guess this proves motorcycles and marijuana really don't mix.

Amartel said...

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their tweets.

Methadras said...

Will you just look these fascists and NAZI's abusing an American citizen like this? How dare they. HOW DARE THEY!!! /sarcasm