Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Republican Senate candidate responds to dance video

Reporting by Kemberlee Kaye for Legal Insurrection.

This is a delightful story.

The Maine candidate for Senate used to work in theater before ever even thinking about politics. And that's the way we like them, because this whole born into politics thing brings us the worst dopes. Get some life experience first, encounter things that make you think you could fix and then get into politics. Seven years ago the present candidate was hired for an advertisement that involved him dancing around in his Speedo.

Prancing is more like it. He looks absurd, the man can hardly dance but still enjoys busting his moves. He should have let me take him to a few clubs and he'd up his dance game overnight. I'd show him people 100% uninhibited, just being their silly selves,  and it'd blow his mind. I did this with my brother. We went out to only one club for a cocktail, he never drinks,  and my brother came out a changed man just observing. "Those people just flat don't care what anyone thinks."

"No, they do not."

He took dance lessons after that, but they taught him a whole different thing, classical dancing, and he is very good at it. They taught him how to use his body, how to have confidence, how to lead, but they did not teach how to let go completely. He's still uptight and still formal, stilted. I told him that people who are uninhibited on the dance floor in public are similarly uninhibited sexually privately.

"They are not!"

"They are too."

"Are not."

"Are too."

And so on, back and forth.

It hurt his feelings, affected his self-image because I was telling him since he feels inhibition he'll likewise be sexually inhibited, and he couldn't accept that. It was too cold a blow. I told him, "Get over yourself on the dance floor in front of other people, disallow any presumed judgement, and do this without alcohol, and your sexual life will improve automatically. You'll be more fun. Because it's all play, not some role you must fulfill."


Same thing with this senatorial candidate. His moves are constrained and they show a certain inhibition. But let's not be judgmental ourselves. Let's go with it. For a senator-type, it's still very good.

The post describes an unofficial website supporting his opposition that put together a video looping the clip of the candidate in the earlier advertisement to make it uncomfortably long and to make the candidate look ridiculous.

Instead of protesting, the candidate used the same clip for his own video that includes his own supporters busting their best moves. It's a lovely video.

Brakey Dance from rob+vimeo@cando.com on Vimeo.

There are several official statements that go along with this you can read at the link.

Then in comments at Legal Insurrection the discussion goes to Achy-Breaky Heart dances and videos. Then onto discussion about dance videos put up by military service people. One commenter said, she loves the following video so much that she played it several times everyday. You have to admit, it's pretty funny.

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