Saturday, June 9, 2018

Trump asks NFL kneelers to recommend to him people for pardoning

Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit says this is brilliant.

Trump ask them to recommend to him the names of people they believe have been unfairly prosecuted and imprisoned.

Commenters at PJ Media and on Twitter say it's the ultimate put up or shut up, but I did not read it that way. I assumed they'd be happy to provide Trump a list along with a list of good reasons. I think they'd be pleased to participate in action.  Trump is especially interested in those individuals who are victims of overzealous prosecutors, and people who have genuinely changed during their incarceration. If it is brilliant then its brilliance is in the common sense of taking the kneeling issue out of the sphere of pure talk, yakkity yak yak fruitless demoralizing and destructive talk, and puts it directly into the sphere of positive action. If that's brilliant, then yeah, brilliant. It also overlaps with his desire for prison reform.

Weird, innit, where common sense is now considered brilliant.

Safari is not cooperating. It wouldn't show me this video. I hope it posts.


edutcher said...

Have to agree with the put up or shut up, but not in the usual sense.

Chances are these people, except for their drugging, skirt-chasing, wife-beating, murdering confreres, probably don't know anybody who fits the bill because they don't know any real people any more.

Leland said...

It is a well played empty gesture. The guy that started all this, Kommie Kaepernick, is just a communist. Trump could pardon Che Guevara, but Che's already dead and nobody that isn't a communist is unhappy about it. However, this point about what Kommie Kaepernick is all about has been skillfully avoided by ESPN and the NFL. Trump's move will make avoiding the facts harder.

Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

Pardon Colin Kaepernik. Cure hi of his mediocre abilities!

deborah said...