Saturday, June 9, 2018


Trudeau called for Macron to come early to plan how they are to handle Trump. They decided best to isolate him. Macron tweeted to crow the G6 are greater together than the American market so supposedly they can maintain all their market protections. Merkel called for a united Europe to stand together against Trump's Make America Great Again program. While Abe, the smart one of the bunch, made his own agreement with Trump. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte appears vastly amused. The Europeans and Canada felt they needed backup so they invited European Council President Donald Trusk and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncter for support.These politicians whose existences are basically parasitical to their societies, find innumerable ways of taking money from producers of wealth, but they have no idea how to confront a wealth producer mindset, a builder of tangible things, a creator of wealth. They know how to tap it, how to spend it, how to lord over them, how to bully,  but not how to create it. Trump rules. They are satellites to Trump's gravitational pull. And it shows. They came to gang up on Trump but fall short and find themselves surrounded.

Justin is such a good dancer. And an excellent drama teacher.

Listen to this:

Trudeau: Blah blah blah murble gurble rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb, blah blah platitude bromide, grow middle class, burp, blah blah fizzy drink, talk trade, soda pop, Alka-Setzer, pop pop fizz fizz. We're talking, and talking, trade, and yes, we sure are talking all over again. Free trade!

Trump: Justin, it's been really great, and Justin's agreed to cut all tariffs and all trade barriers between Canada and the United States. And I'm very happy about that.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, OMG! How ridiculous. Now that's funny right there. Such a jokester. They laugh as the joke is being told. Free trade is a joke. It doesn't exist. It's so far from existing that it's not even funny.

He's got you Justin, and you haven't even started. Trump just called you a hypocrite and everyone laughed.

Trump cuts right to the core of the issue. You want to protect your markets. Truth is, so does the U.S. in certain ways, our "corporate welfare" for example, our government does protect certain of its markets, those with fantastic lobbyists. It's one reason why our jet airplane industry does so well internationally. The other reason being they make great jets. Farmers are another example, any subsidized industry interferes with genuine free trade internationally. But some countries are much worse than others, crucially, socialist and communist countries have far more government involvement in business and protections than the United States does. We can go down the line industry for industry and see the barriers put in place to protect every single nation's market. Against us. Nothing terrifies socialists and communists more that true competitive free trade. The kind that forces industries to innovate. They need government as daddy to protect them, hold their hand as they dance onstage, or their world falls apart and they meltdown. And politicians need to be needed. They cannot comprehend a man such as Trump who has bought politicians his entire adult life. They don't now how to handle him. He knows who they are, how they operate. Out of the whole group, only Abe has the cajones to deal with Trump as equal and do what is right for his his country, for both the U.S. and for Japan. He's the only one who's shown any real smarts. The rest have quite a lot yet to learn.


edutcher said...

Chuck DeGaulle, YBSOB, tried this 50 years ago with the same result.

After 2, 3 really, world wars you'd think they'd learn.

ricpic said...

With the exception of Hungary I can't think of a single ally the United States has in the Western World. Okay, Poland too.