Saturday, June 2, 2018

Trudeau babbles

Justin Trudeau who's Prime Minister of a country called Canada, says silly things about Trump withdrawing from NAFTA.

Here's the thing. Economists consider certain industries essential to national security. Steel production is one such industry. The thinking is that, should the nation go to war, it's put in a bad position when it must rely on foreign countries for essential elements of production such as aircraft and ships and armaments.

Other economists assert interdependency is good for the reason stated prevents war. You don' t go to war against your business partners.

Still other economists will say we are already in a state of war. An economic war where one country drives out the industries of nations by subsidizing industries and flooding the global market.

But Justin Trudeau ignores all of that and instead takes personal offense with Trump suggesting that Canada could possibly be national security threat to the United States. Even as his country uses NAFTA to help other countries skirt American tariffs intended to protect its essential industries while benefitting from increased foreign manufacturing in his own country for access to American market, that would otherwise be foreign investment in America for the American market. Trump is seeking fairness in trade. Fairness such that tariffs could be zero for genuine free trade all around, but our trading partners are against that. So far. Apparently it's incredibly difficult to get the leaders of socialist nations to see the light of genuine free trade. But Trump is trying to do that. If they want U.S. tariffs to come down, then they can open their own markets to U.S. production. Easily enough to do. But each individual nation has a million reasons why their own industries must be protected by government one way or another, through subsidies or by taxes and tariffs. Trump, rather brutally, is cutting through all of that.

Listen to Trudeau, if you can. (I cannot. I got 15 seconds in and thought, this is too much melodrama to bear. Canada, you picked a real winner. </sarc> But isn't he just wonderful? Such a marvelous dancer.)

Let's ask Justin Trudeau what happened to Canada's steel industry. He won't answer. We'll try to corner him but he'll wiggle free with offenses to his sensibilities about being considered a national threat. Toujours son pays a été si paisible et charmant. The environmentalists dealt Canada's steel industry a serious blow. They've slipped way down the list of steel producing nations. And now they rely on production of foreign nations. They are less secure nationally. Trump is trying to avoid that same fate.

Pour it on, Emotional Person.


ampersand said...

From the Canadian Encyclopedia:
Despite Canada’s formidable reserves of iron ore, the steel industry in recent decades has shrunk significantly as industrial markets have become increasingly globalized. Today, every remaining steel mill in the country is owned by foreign investors and Canada is a net importer of the manufactured product.
Don't know who the foreign investors are but it's probably a back door to get non Canadian steel into the US.

ampersand said...

BagoH2O. If you look in, I'm curious, is your Chinese competition Chinese owned and branded products or American brands manufactured there?

edutcher said...

Canuckistan isn't a country, it's 10 states and 2 territories that didn't have the good sense to become part of America when it had the chance.

Dad Bones said...

Twinkletoes has a beef with the brawler.

rcommal said...

OH, PLEASE,as if,

rcommal said...

Here is what I know, for sure:

I raised my kid (and oh, by the way, youse guys have known this since at least 2004)