Friday, June 1, 2018

Sally Fields

Poor thing. She didn't have to say anything. But she tries so hard to be liked. She wants to be liked. Really liked.

Imagine a nice soft lovely comfortable cocoon made of titanium. So impenetrable it doesn't even occur to you that at least half the people beyond your lovely little mulberry bush, the ones who actually go went to your movies, who read it are going to hate your guts. Forever. Irredeemably. Say goodby to being liked.

Does she have some kind of evidence that Ivanka is not powerful, beautiful, nurturing and honest? 



rhhardin said...

If they weren't leftists, they would have a regular job.

edutcher said...

Where were Stinger missiles in '67?

Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

Hillary lost and the leftwing bitches of Hillarywoodland are forever bitter and butthurt.

I can live with that.

ampersand said...
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ampersand said...

She told Johnny Carson she lost her virginity at age 12, she's telling us now, at age 71, she lost her marbles. She may have been thinking Boniva is the Viagra for old gals.