Thursday, May 31, 2018

My alliums are blooming

I had no luck propagating either my alliums or my leopard lilies - they seem to do fine on their own but I would really like more of them in places that I select. I guess left to their own devices they will eventually take over.

These are about four feet tall currently - so they are eye level.


deborah said...

Very pretty. I love alliums. I planted some Christophii in my mom's garden. Here's a neat chart of relative sizes and bloom times I just found:


Sixty Grit said...

Cool. I have spring onions that are now flowering, they are tiny compared to the one in the picture - which I think are Allium Spaceinvaderium. But I could be wrong.

deborah said...

Are they maybe drumstick alliums? The one in the photo looks pink, is that correct? Wondering if it's the kind that naturalizes freely.

Sixty Grit said...

I am colorblind, so whatever you see is what they are. They first sprouted up way in the back of the yard and are steadily marching forward. I like them - any plant that wants take over and has nice flowers is okay in my book.

What I haven't done yet is dig one up to see if it is garlic or an onion or whatever else it might be. The spring onions are like tiny versions of the big ones. Once again, no idea what color the flowers are - maybe I better get a picture.

deborah said...

I forgot you were colorblind.