Friday, June 8, 2018

Pullman bread, ham sandwich

This simple sandwich hit the spot.

And I'm pleased with this bread. I goofed around to see how long it would last just put into a plastic bag. One of the bags that lined the paper bags that groceries were delivered in. Way bigger than needed for this. I debated with myself whether or not to freeze half of it. I expected the bread to be covered in mold by now, or stale, or just old and terrible. But I was wrong. It's still fresh tasting and delicious. I am pleased with the purchase of the Pullman pan. Just like the ice cream maker and waffle iron, I kept thinking, am I even going to use this? Turns out I really do use them and they really are worth it.

I don't even need no stinking bread knife. A regular chef's knife works fine.

Care to hear something stupid? 

Okay, here goes.

If the knives are not perfectly sharp then they do not cut a tomato by their own weight. It will cut them, but not like schw-i-i-i-i-ng, slice. And I stood there and wondered, how come the knife can cut my own finger so easily but not cut the tomato skin the same way? And I pondered. Then aha. I'm merely pushing down on the knife through the tomato but he knife is slicing my finger. That's the difference. Therefore, slice the tomato the same way, with some blade heel to tip action. And it worked! That awareness changed my way of cutting everything thereafter. No more pushing down on the knife. The bread knife needs sawing action for a clean cut. The chef's knife does the same thing in one clean slice. Like a ninja!

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