Monday, June 4, 2018

Kim fires 3 top generals

They're all old, ancient actually, with medals that go from their shoulder to their shoes, then drag along the ground like a long wedding gown train with people behind holding them up. And they were replaced with much younger generals. In their 60s.


Apparently they were staunchly against denuclearization. It's hard to change positions you've held for 68 years. There are cartoons going around of Kim holding his younger general by the arms saying, "We're getting a McDonalds!"

The U.S. is finding a way (through Singapore) for paying Kim's hotel and travel costs for him and his entourage for the summit. Isn't that interesting pathetic hilarious odd? Such a bizarre country.

Anyway, I made this last night then fell asleep and forgot about it until now.  I spun him around so much the file was 2M. I optimized it down to 800KB, still kind of high.


edutcher said...

The eminent Mr Surber was of the opinion this was the big obstacle to the summit and it was sort of my first thought when I heard about it.

It reminded me of the suicide of the head of the Russian armed forces after we cleaned their clock (their equipment, their doctrine) in the Gulf War.

Thus Li'l Kim's letter to Trump Friday.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

I do think Kim wants a deal. The shake down game does not pay, so cut a peace treaty and open up a bit (think of the graft). The NoKos must know that South Korea and USA have zero interest in over throwing them just to inherent a basket case (assuming a major war is not triggered first).

AllenS said...

This is a big fucking deal. How about it Biden?

Sixty Grit said...

There was a time when Rocket Man used an anti-aircraft gun to fire people. He's gettin' soft.