Monday, June 4, 2018

Davy Devaux: puffed potatoes

The French technique was shown before. The trick is to cut slices twice as thick as a regular potato chip and to shake the pan of shallow oil, knocking them around. The chips are pulled out after they blister and held until the temperature of the same oil is increased, or put directly into another pot of hotter oil. This crisps the potato chip bubble so that it stays puffed and cannot collapse. It's exactly like eating two potato chips at once except a lot neater-mosquiter.

Davy shows a foolproof way to assure they puff precisely by slicing thin regular potato chips and gluing them together with corn starch and egg white.

Why even do this?

For fun! And for interest. They're little mind-blowers right there. Because you're so ace.

I find Davy interesting to watch. He seems a bit awkward as teacher and presenter. When he looks up his cosa nostra eyes turn sanpaku. He has an unusual interest. His channel is loaded with instructions for unusual sushi, mosaic style, colored sushi, sushi that forms little pictures inside them when cut, like a panda, sushi made with vegetable sheets, sushi with black rice, no-rice sushi, How to carve carrot into a leaf shape and molded fried egg in whipped white that keeps its shape only three minutes, odd things that are interesting but not all that useful. He has a very good deal of extremely refined technique, most all of it Asian. His speech is unusual and his accent and pattern do not match the place where he's from suggested in his other videos. I like unusual characters.

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