Saturday, June 2, 2018

How pre-packaged sandwiches are made


Your sandwiches are boring. 

Your bread is unimaginative. Your sauces are unimaginative. Your sandwich fillings are horrible. Your worker's souls are dead. 

New rule. For now on, all my sandwiches will be brilliant. 

I have a lot of leftover bulgogi and its flavor is already outstanding. But the pieces are too thick for a sandwich so they're diced more finely as a Philadelphia steak sandwich. 

I used catsup to make a bbq sauce, with brown sugar, Worcestershire, soy sauce, and rice vinegar and the first taste-test blew my mind. The bread was covered with that generously to soak into the thickly cut bread. But I didn't make enough to sauce up the meat to make the whole thing more wet. So I made it again. Same ingredients, different result, and still mind-blowingly excellent. You just don't buy sauce like this. 

And all that formed the most beautiful sandwiches. A pleasure to eat. And fairly simple with ingredients on hand. 

Everything that follows will be different. It seems I'm incapable of doing the exact same thing twice.

But it must start with outstanding bread. A type made for sandwiches. That's why I bought one of these things. I realized the shape and the crumb, its density are essential. I did a little experiment using a regular pan upside down in the oven. The experiment worked but the shape is not square.

The crusts do not contribute anything so they are removed. That makes a big difference.

The shrimp sandwiches were very good too. They can be improved with better bread made for sandwiches.

For now on, only excellent fillings. None of the usual shortcuts. Tuna salad made with real tuna steaks, egg salad made as omelet. Potato salad made with textured ingredients like cucumber shredded carrot and ham and grapes. Unusual varieties like meats with fruit, Bean sprouts, sautéed mushrooms, apple, shredded daikon, bread and butter pickles. Meats that are diced and held together with binding sauce then breaded with panko and fried for crunchy texture inside the soft outer bread. Unusual ingredients in combination and customized sauces. 

No more messing around with convenience ingredients, or you end up with pathetic heartless sandwiches as shown in this video. We don't have to live like subjects for mass production. They should be ashamed to put their names on those hapless hopelessly unimaginative sandwiches. 

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