Saturday, June 2, 2018

Baltimore arrabers

There's a word for you, A-rabber.

This looks splendidly convenient. I'd use the service for sure.

One of the arraber videos shows the arrabers talking. One says, "They used to call me Teefless, didn't have no teef in front." His index fingers indicates his mouth. "Then I went and bought me some teef, put the teef in front, 'Hey Teef, they called me Teef."


Sixty Grit said...

I can remember seeing Arabs in Bawmer back in 1955. It is interesting that they are still around. They were shown in the series The Wire and they were depicted as being heroin addicts.

In any case, based on that guy's use of English he sounds like a Stanford grad.

AllenS said...

What do they do when it rains? It's raining here right now. Huge rain drops. 55º.