Monday, June 4, 2018

First carrot

We gardner types are thrilled by the tiniest things. I love watching germinated seeds come up from the dirt. It gives me faith in life everlasting.

I almost came online to ask the internet how long it takes for carrot seeds to germinate, but then I looked closer and saw them. The very first carrots to poke out of the dirt. I get excited as if given a new puppy. And not just a regular stupid little bitty runt puppy either, a cool one, like a Belgian Groenendael or Malinois, or a super cool Husky. And there was my answer: ten days.

I planted this whole cube with carrots, the entire envelope of tiny seeds covered the surface. Way too many carrots to fit so they'll have to be thinned as they go. I'll show them to you as they grow because their tops are fantastic. I don't know why more people don't plant them for decoration. They start out delicate little fern-like tops, then grow stronger and more sturdy but always beautiful no matter their form as a patch gently wafting in the breeze. I planted them this way one time at my parents. Right underneath where an air conditioner dripped a steady stream of water, and it was the most beautiful little patch of the whole garden. And at the end of the season ... carrots! And man, were those good.

This would be a great project for kids.

The row of plants behind the carrots, and in the pots next to the square one are morning glories that will grow out of their pots and climb up the railing. They've all reached the edge of their pots. There are thousands of the tiny plants. They must be thinned out too. There are way, way too many of the tiny plants competing for space.

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