Wednesday, May 19, 2021

The Case of the Disappearing Salon


 My dear Holmes,

It is your most humble petitioner, Inspector Lestrade. As you well know it has been many years since I have last requested your assistance in the troubling matter of the disappearance of Lord Douchebag and also quite some time since we examined the obscene affairs of the odious Lady Chatterley and her grass stained lover. Today I must ask for assistance with respect to these horrible people.

As you know we often review old case files in an attempt to discern if circumstances have changed or new information has come to light. It seems a remarkable transformation has occurred in the salon of the noxious Lady Chatterley. She has closed her salon and banished all the many miscreants out into polite society. These poor unfortunates who are barely literate and in need of our succor and understanding were left wandering the streets in search of some other false deity to flagellate them and torture their benighted souls. Bereft of the solace of their common herd they are bewildered and lost. I have no understanding as to why they were expunged except that the syphilitic psychoses of their host must finally have reached it's zenith. They could no longer cover it up and so had to loose their misbegotten acolytes on to our society. 
Pray tell have you any news about this most unusual occurrence? Perhaps one of your irregulars might have some insight as they are well acquainted with the dregs of society where these poor unfortunates dwell. The Yard has called upon me to prepare for any new vile plans that this most despicable couple might be planning. I am most desirous of your council and advice.

Please give my best to your brother Mycroft who I now recall has moved to countryside of Yorkshire to work on his art and his continuing acts of charity. I know that he felt moving to the country would be salubrious and conducive to his health. I hope his work with young orphan boys will assuage his loneliness and allow him to live a fulfilling and happy existence. 

I remain as always,
Your obedient servant,
Inspector G. Lestrade
November 12, 1898


The Dude said...

Very well written, Troops. You have a knack for that language.

ampersand said...

Well done. My understanding is Lady Chatterley is demanding to be addressed as the Artist known as Ls.Chatternone

chickelit said...

Tooshay, amperage.

chickelit said...

Surely it must be just as much work to pore through the hundreds of missives that must flood her inbox daily. Althouse killed a great forum.

edutcher said...

Mycroft's big interest was international affairs.

If he retired, it was probably with Irene Adler in tow.

PS Nice work, amp.

ampersand said...

Surely it must be just as much work to pore through the hundreds of missives that must flood her inbox daily. I just went there, saw that there were comments. Hmmm? Apparently she reads everything people send her and posts whatever's flattering.

MamaM said...

I just went there, saw that there were comments. Hmmm?

Hmmm's the word. Since she's the one entering approved email remarks as comments, they all show up with her avatar on the side, which creates an odd visual. They'd look more appealing and authentic (less contrived) without the avatar.

MamaM said...

Powerline has a post up today regarding a trip being taken by a blogger to meet commenters.

On this trip, the scenery is still awesome – you can’t go five miles in America without some kind of beautiful vista – but the main purpose is people-driven. After enjoying PL’s unique commenters and readers for more than seven years, and with the great time meeting several last trip, we have deliberately set out to connect with even more commenters in person.

Or as our son put it: “Let me be clear. You and Dad are driving 6,000 miles around the country, seeing Grandpa and then visiting STRANGERS that you met on the INTERNET?”

“Uh, yes. But they aren’t strangers. I hear from them every week.”

You have no idea who they really are. They could be some 14 year old kid living in his mom’s basement...

...So far, we have connected with 7 sets of beautiful Power Line People. I have promised anonymity, of course. I would never divulge any information about them…without vast quantities of either chocolate or money. All have been even nicer, smarter, funnier and more fascinating than my highest expectations.

There's something to this. Does it reveal the answer no one was able or willing to land on earlier when asked what prompts people to post, read and comment in blogs?

In my view, yes. In the long run, it's about human relationship, in one form or another, postive or negative, as revealed by Ammo Grrrll in the quoted article and Holmes in this post.

edutcher said...

Part of it, Mama.

Some just like to shoot off their mouths. And some need to contact people like them.

There are people like VB Spurs or Irene that we truly miss. Some are good to mess around with, like Troop.

And there were those like Chip, and you and Sixty, who really taught us something and made us think.

The human race in 20 paragraphs or less.

And, dare I say it?, a lot of it comes down to that word that sticks in our throats because it might sound weird.


MamaM said...

^Lestrade^ not Holmes, who reveals nothing.

In addition to relationship (the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected) being a primary draw, here and elsewhere, there's also the opportunity (while it lasts) to engage in freedom of speech.

Should Lestrade be interested in looking for additional relational dynamics (beyond the directed humor of spoof, or the negative intimacy connection realized with pokes at Althouse) what's taking place at TOP and the The New Other Place, is actually curious and in a state of flux

Althouse appears to be selectively posting comments containing quotes from emails she's received from others. Some of quotes are from emailers with recognizable names whose voices match their comment history, and others could be real or made up as there's not enough presence and flow to discern consistent voice, and no back track available. She's also taken to responding to some of them in the comment (which means watching for quotation marks) and some with a separate comment, which in the overall is somewhat confusing, giving the impression of connection, when it's more like conversation with herself.

Some of the emailed comments presented are insightful and well written responses to the topic at hand. And that's something The New Other Place hasn't quite figured out how to do, or perhaps, doesn't want to do. Which is odd as the Althouse track record of building "a great forum" (twice!) over the course of 17 years is impressive regardless of what one thinks of her or her views.

MamaM said...
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MamaM said...

You said it, edutcher, while I was in the process of writing and posting the comment above! My 11:07, written earlier in the day, should precede your comment, which hits the mark and unexpectedly provides the answer I've been casting around for and seeking.

Clear enough to surprise me into saying Yes. Yes. Yes. With an Amen added. (from the Hebrew āmēn, meaning “certainty,” “truth,” and “verily.”!)

Thank you for summarizing as you did. Weird as it may seem, that is what's at the heart of all that matters and I needed to hear that to get my own thinking and focus back on track again. Sometimes all it takes is a word or thought to hearten, and yours does that tonight.

Tank said...

“ chickelit said...
Surely it must be just as much work to pore through the hundreds of missives that must flood her inbox daily”

Actually, it’s easy to set your email to send trolls to spam or trash, and she never sees them. I’m guessing the number of comments she gets this way is pretty small, and she adds comments she thinks add to the discussion.

I miss some of the old comment forum, but don’t miss even more.

ampersand said...

There are some sites I read just for the author's posts. Instapundit, Powerline and Ace of Spades, etc. I read Instapundit before he had comments and his links were good enough for me.
I generally skip over the comments, at Ace I avoid them altogether, No one ever responds to the posts and, geez, how many times can you post "First" thinking it's witty or hilarious?

There are some sites, like Reason, where I skim through the posts and concentrate on the comments. And there are some sites where I barely read the posts and go right to the comments. TOP was one of those. The commenters there were generally smart and thoughtful with varied backgrounds that were enjoyable to read and many times you learned something new.

At one time almost every site had a comment section. Sometimes you'd wander in and read a great many before realizing how much time you've wasted. However now in many places comments have been removed. The claim was they were hard to manage but I suppose censorship was the motivating factor. I prefer to read a site that has a comment section even if I don't read them. Everyone needs some pushback to keep them honest.