Tuesday, May 18, 2021

They finally found my Baby picture

 I don't know when it all changed. Well I do know. When I got the pacemaker.

Still I did enjoy myself until then.

I am off for some gluten free lunch.

Fuck you.


XRay said...

At the risk of repeating myself... Mailer nailed it with... "fuck'em all, save six for pallbearers". Asshole that he was, he was a brilliant guy.

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

lol - that photo.

bagoh20 said...

"You can't deprive yourself into immortality, and maybe not even longevity.

Life is a death sentence, but you don't have to live on death row. Even then you can hide fun stuff up your ass and have good time."

~ From BagoH2O's "One Rule for a Life of Debauchery" - page 896.

bagoh20 said...

I regularly go to a local bar for a lunch of video poker, tacos and IPA (Disco Ninja). The bartender told me a guy was there recently and won 8 jackpots playing video Keno in one sitting at the bar. They totaled over $40,000.

The downside: He did it by sitting there for 27 hours straight, and put in $25,000. Still a good pay rate for a 27 hour shift.

I couldn't do anything for 27 hours.

Disco Ninja IPA:


Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

27 hours - that's dedication and... insane.