Saturday, May 29, 2021

Notes From A Broad

Back from the Sunshine State (and you didn't even miss me).

A lot has happened and it may be time to take stock. First, it was interesting to see what states are doing well. FL, as I said, is booming. Construction, hardly any Closed signs, everybody out (nice to see people with faces again). TN doesn't seem to to be all that bad, although we mostly saw the countryside.

KY, with its Oliver Cromwell (or is it Lavrenti Beria?) governor leans a lot on its white Stephen Foster heritage, but its pretty grubby once you get away from the plantation houses.

GA, with its crooked Whig government, is a mess. Motoring through Hotlanta (not for the faint of heart) all you saw is its memorials to the Left - Andrew Young Blvd, John Lewis Freedom Pkwy, the Carter Center - and the crooked, racist Left at that (is there another?), but the state itself is still the same mix of po' white trash and overfed, equally poor, blacks its been since Sherman marched through. This is supposed to be the City Too Busy To Hate.

Would have been for the best if Uncle Billy finished the job the Rebs started and nuked the damned place.

The people in both states are nice, but they're the ones who voted for Trump.

One thing you get, driving around, is a lot of Fake News TV inflicted on you. ESPN opens its shows with a 5 minute Justice For George montage. All the morning shows can't wait to tell you how important masks are and how the whole world is getting vaxxed; Today even brought out the brood mare herself, Chelsea, to tell the world of her wonderful experience. Everything else is all black, all the time (you may see a white female on occasion) except for the Orientals telling us they're part of America, too (most of us knew that since grade school when we heard how the coolies dug for gold and built the railroads), but won't tell you it's the blacks who are trying to kill them.

I recall an episode from The World At War where one of the people in the resistance in Germany said he was so glad when he got drafted because the level of propaganda had gotten absolutely hysterical. It's just that bad.

Don't get me wrong.  Blacks on TV have never been an issue with me. I loved Cos in I Spy and Raymond St Jacques as a buffalo soldier who was Mr Yates' ramrod in the last season of Rawhide. If they're good enough, good on them, but, if many high-rated companies think they are going to make money excluding the white race, my best advice would be to talk to the kids at Coca-Cola.

I can understand how the number of households with a TV keeps decreasing.

Which is why the 'Net is so powerful.

Which brings us to the reasons why there is cause to be optimistic.

One of the grimmer ones is emergence of a new video showing cops firing on peaceful protesters on January 6. Before anybody went into the Capitol (and there's vid of them being shown in and shown around by the cops).

CDC has had to admit social distancing and masks were always a crock. Chalk that up to people being fed up and the facts coming out. The Feds have also had to concede that the Sino Sinus Syphilis did come from a Red Chinese lab and the Deep State Dwarf  is up to his nose in it. Then there's the nasty little reality that the number who died from it was nowhere near the half million claimed.

Then there's the economy. I know, going down the tubes. Commodity prices are up 3.5% and paychecks are worth 3.1% less than a year ago, this according to (are you ready?) Bloomberg 

Even better is the audits. They can't be ignored. And everybody can see the gyrations the Demos are going through to stop them. Too many of these revelations are already all over the Interwebz. Demos and even Dominion Voting are trying to threaten officials from carrying on, but to very little avail.

And, yes, batfans, it really does get better. The Eminent Mr Surber (or somebody who writes some of his posts) has been sounding rather wishy-washy the last few months since the rule of law didn't prevail under SCROTUS. That seems to be changing. Consider these words of wisdom, "the biggest problem for the Democrats is they cheated to win in 2020 by getting states to violate their own election laws to make it easier to stuff the ballot box with mail-in votes.

If Democrats do not codify those mid-election rules changes, Biden could be their last President".

This is the guy who was telling us we needed to ballot harvest. How do you ballot harvest ballots emailed from Red China, one might ask, but the defeatism seems to be gone.

And, yes, rebellion is breaking out. You see the masks disappearing whether state governors "allow" or not. People more sane than I are talking about bringing back Trump. Not just miss him, but reinstate him.

And then there's the great man himself.

"I think there’s gonna be a big problem because when people find out that all of these states are gonna flip, does that mean you go three-and-a-half years with somebody that is destroying our country?…"

Does that sound like a man who's waiting for 2024?

UPDATE: Looks like more people are now talking reinstatement.

The trolls have been pushing the Yes, but what can we do? line, trying to get the FUD to stick.

I guess we're just not snowflake material.


ndspinelli said...

Howard Beale lives!

ampersand said...

I too have noticed that blacks on TV are doing exceptionally well. We can alleviate a lot of the problems in this country by putting all black people on TV. Well, maybe not the News and cop shows, that never seems to go well.

Some Seppo said...

A most unlikely scenario but AFIAK the only Constitutional way to legally reinstate 45 would be to show beyond doubt that he won before the 2022 midterms, the House and Senate revert to the R's, with the Senate reaching 65+ seats. After the midterms, Trump is appointed Speaker of the House.

FICUS and Roundheels are then impeached and removed, with the new Speaker installed as President.

As a bonus, Trump would still be eligible to run in 2024.

edutcher said...

There's a thought. I would, of course, have a qualm or two about running him into the ground, but, as I have said elsewhere, we can't wait 4 years to set this right.

The country has to have that reinstatement now.

ndspinelli said...

Howard Beale lives!

I wasn't aware there are 300 million of them.

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

fever ... check for.. the.

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

Hillary seated with a young man with glasses.

Uh - that's Rachel Maddow. Her-> offical propagandist.

ugh - now I need to dislike Sting and his wife. A-holes.

edutcher said...

Another Trump Won banner hung in Gotham, this time at the Mets game.

You get the feeling something's building.

Trooper York said...

When I saw the title I thought Mama M posted something.

The Dude said...


edutcher said...

She's too much of a lady.