Saturday, May 22, 2021

Bowls...Smowls....I prefer Bowling!


Trooper York said...

I have the same pants as Bob Newhart.

ampersand said...

Holy Moly! Does anyone bowl anymore?

This guy keeps a history of bowling and bowling alleys .

It seems there used to be hundreds of lanes around here and I can't think of the last time I saw one.
Being celebrities and all that clip is a lot louder than the local bowling shows I remember.
As background noise the hushed tones, the sounds of the ball rolling and the pins striking heard through the acoustics of a bowling alley was very relaxing.

Some Seppo said...

Nowadays bowling is more gimmicky. Nashville has the Strike and Spare chain where families are welcomed with terrible pizza, arcade games, glow in the dark balls, etc and Pinewood Social where hipsters drink sour beer, eat arugula, and bowl ironically.

We still have a few cigarette-charred, beer soaked lanes but they are very rare.

ndspinelli said...

Since young people do not socialize in person, bowling has been dying a slow death for decades. Both my parents bowled in leagues. I last bowled in a league in KC in the 80's. Bowling is a blue collar sport. The league in KC was almost 50/50 black and white. My son stills bowls in a league in Madison. He bowled a 290 a couple years ago. My daughter married into a bowling family. Her husband got an assoc degree in bowling center management and managed a place before becoming a nurse. There's an unusual career path. I thought The Big Lewbowski might help revitalize the sport.

This was a great clip Troop. Newhart is from Chicago which is a bowling mecca. Sport is still surviving there.