Saturday, May 8, 2021


 Oglaf again, of course.


Sixty Grit said...

Okay, I laughed. Now I have to rethink my next post...

MamaM said...

Oooof! was my first response. Then I went back and saw the EEEEERK, which might have been the door opening, but was equally fitting.

In walks crippling self-doubt looking so bland and innocuous while knowing exactly where to plunge the shiv and how to turn the knife.

When I opened the link door to enter the site again, another Eeeeerk. Last time, I walked in I was overwhelmed by the offerings and left. This time I tracked back with the "next button to find this one on Blueprint, and laughed out loud. What if I wasn't crippled with self-doubt and saddled with a Calvinist background??? Maybe that's part of the draw--the weird combination of Levity and Gravity at work?

MamaM said...

Maybe better said, I was impressed to the point of marvel by the artist's ability to let his thoughts spool out before pulling them back to land his point. It comes through like a weird dance between awareness and fantasy, subconscious and conscious thought, or as mentioned above, levity and gravity.

All of which was enough to make me wonder who the guy was who wrote it? And in looking I discover it's actually a pair, which accounts for the quality of the dance, as it's difficult for one person to move that quickly and nimbly between their own internal and external worlds!

Once again, a fun post linking to more, Mumpsimus!