Sunday, May 9, 2021

Oh, no, he's ba-a-a-a-ack

 OK, batfans, know I'm preaching to the choir, albeit one tired of hearing it, but I think this stuff is important.

First, we have a video. I hate having to watch videos because they disturb the house and you can't carry them around like hard copy (or Geraldo or A Current Affair).

This, however, is different. This kid is what Barry Ozero was supposed to be. Not only is is bright, clean, articulate, and without a trace of negro dialect, but he's actually smart, he actually thinks for himself, he actually researches stuff.

Talk about my kinda guy.

But now to the tape. He shows us how the fix was put in. And then he talks about how the Constitution protects us from this. But, best of all, he gets mad. Mad at the party hacks called judges who refused to hear these cases all across the country because we are being robbed of our rights.

His channel on YouTube is Behizy. He is going after all the states involved in different videos; AZ, especially, but also GA and PA. I urge you all to take a gander.

OK, this second item is off Gateway. And this is very nifty.

You may or may not remember how PA had to admit that, in the last election, it came out with 200,000 more votes than voters. Now multiply that by 20.

So we get news from Gateway that the Census, which is supposed to be the Voice On High for vote tallies (Gateway shows that's pretty much a crock) is 4 million votes short of what is claimed to be the official tally.

And, yes, Virginia, it gets better. If Donald Trump got 74 million votes, according to Fake News, supposedly, the lying dogfaced pony soldier got 80 mil, right?

For that to happen, of the 255 million Americans of the voting age population in '19 (add maybe 3 mil for '20), of which 60% of them would have had to have been registered (also according to the Census), to get ~153 million votes cast, there would have had to have been 100% turnout.

Statistical impossibility, right?

So, why is this all important. We all know the Lefties running the clown car in DC have been doing stuff that is already making life in this country bad on a geometric scale.

And it's going to get worse. Gas prices are going up. Commodity prices are already up 3.5%. The lying dogfaced pony soldier may not understand that stuff because he's lived off government his whole life, but the average working stiff does. The fearmongering about Bat Soup Complaint goes on and now we're told to watch out for all those variants.

The lockdown persists, Deep State Dwarf says we'll be wearing masks forever, and people are going stir crazy, witness all the mass shootings.

BLM and Antifa are the Demos' SA.

By summer, I think this country is going to be looking for another alternative to the lying dogfaced pony soldier. And, no, I don't think it's Chlamydia. Even the Demos seem to be worried about her. You see Heels Up even less than FICUS. 

And the first time you have not only another Ashli Babbitt, you'll have another Rosanne Boyland, Benjamin Phillips, and Kevin Greeson, and maybe more.

And Trump's announced he's going to start up the MAGA rallies again.

The truth is coming out and, even at Insty, you're seeing a lot more attention paid to the Democrats, going back 100 years, who got us in this mess.

But that kid at Behizy. Young, black, and he's not shilling for the Demos. He's the future, I think.


Lem said...

When the walls come tumbling down... looking forward to that day.

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

The way the election went down makes me think the left cheated.
I don't hold out much hope for a remedy.

Gateway pundit is OK - I give it a grain of salt. It's a sucky sight to navigate.

edutcher said...

A grain of salt is always good.

And people are going to have to impose a remedy.

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

sucky sight
sucky site

both work.

MamaM said...

And people are going to have to impose a remedy.

The people are going to have to find the courage and resolve needed to impose a remedy.