Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Wild Wild Life

Marlon Perkins had become obsessed. He was a full time zoophiliac. Of course he dabbled in many species but he kept coming back to the apes. He had a long time live in relationship with a young chimpanzee named Bubbles. He lived with Bubbles and his wife for many years.

Finally he decided he had to be true to himself. Marlin divorced his wife in Mexico and arranged to marry Bubbles. Unfortunately Bubbles was male and gay marriage was not yet legal. So he had to settle for common law status.

Marlin's actions lead to the cancellation of Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdon. Marlin tried to market a series based on his life with Bubbles called "I Married  a Monkey" but it was too far ahead of it's time.

It was later produced as "Good Times" starring Esther Rolle.

( Don Meier, Talk into this with the Animals...The E True Hollywood Story of Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom)

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