Saturday, June 9, 2018

Tomagoyaki breakfast

This morning I invented a fusion breakfast. Eh. I didn't invent anything. Merely used what I have on hand in the customary ways; the customs of America and Japan.

The thing is, I'm planning on ordering a large pizza around 12:00 -1:00 but I'm hungry right now but I don't want to eat very much. This is a precious little breakfast.

I used the square copper pan for the first time and discovered I cannot do the flip. Nothing happens when I try to flip the developing tomagoyaki. It's a left-handed thing with the right hand guiding with chopsticks, and I'm a right-handed flipper. But I'll keep trying. Until that distant magical day when the flip suddenly happens. 

The beaten egg is sweetened with sugar, deepened with mirin and rounded delightfully with dashi, a lot of it, and those three flavor enhancements change everything wonderfully. If you ever see this tomagoyaki as sushi, you should buy some and try it. It'll change your whole attitude about how eggs should taste.  

The photo reminds me of the screensaver flying toasters.

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Sixty Grit said...

That looks great - tomagoyaki has long been a favorite of mine.