Friday, June 1, 2018

Tasty Choice

McCoy: Think, Spock – what's happening on your planet right now?
Spock: My people are barbarians... warlike barbarians.
McCoy: Who nearly killed themselves off with their own passions. Spock – you're reverting back to the ways of your ancestors... five thousand years before you were born!

James T. Kirk: Yes it is quite a dilemma. But my question for you Spock is did you bang that chick in the fur bikini.
Spock: We were intimate Captain. But I was not myself. I believe it was the beverage she served me when I was injured.
McCoy: What was it Spock.
Spock: She called it: Taster's Choice.
(Star Trek, All Our Yesterdays)


edutcher said...

Yeah, but she wanted him to fix her up with Christine.

ampersand said...

Is that Jim Garner's camera wife?

Sixty Grit said...

That's the equation. But we are lurching off the subject at hand...