Friday, June 8, 2018

Stunning restored color images of D-Day landings

Daily Mail title: The battle that saved the world: Anticipation, horror, and chaos of D-Day landings are brought to life.

You must look at these photos and have your mind blown.

A U.S. Landing Craft Infantry filled with invasion troops is approaching the French coast from the sea. 

Allied ships, boats and barrage balloons off Omaha Beach after the successful D-Day invasion.

Soldiers of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division have set up anti-aircraft guns on Juno Beach.

American Sherman Tank is rolling out of the Landing Ship Tank (LST) as a reinforcement in July, 1944. 

Very many more photos and information at the link.


edutcher said...

A bit bleached to my eye, but still interesting.

deborah said...

I'm conflicted.