Monday, June 4, 2018

sharp knock on the door

Care to hear something stupid?

Okay. Goes like this.

Four times in the last two weeks, again this morning, I was dreaming along, well into the action, when the scene is interrupted by a loud sharp determined knock on the door.

But it's not the real door. I can tell by the sound. There is no reason to get up for that.  It's a dream knock. Each time I sort of split and have an argument with myself. "That's not the real door. That's a dream knock." Within the dream I determine my subconscious self is telling me to wake up. And this makes me realize I'm in the dream space, and my body is back there having a life, now sleeping. "Maybe your mind is telling you in the dream that your body back there has to go to the bathroom." I actually check my body's status without waking up, and still in same dream,  "Nope. I don't have to go to the bathroom. Not here and not there." Then why am I telling myself to wake up? Should I check the door just to make sure. No. That was not the sound of your real door. Continue with this dream, you were making your point.

I did make my point in the dream, but that got me and us nowhere.

I was buying a coffee at a shop in California, strange in itself because I don't care for coffee. The two guys behind the counter were delaying without explanation. A large group of coffee buyers stopped in for their regular thing. It was their habit, not mine. I addressed the group waiting as a crowd, but not in a line. These people are flatly not going to make us any coffee. They don't have coffee, or they don't have water, or they don't have working coffee pots. Something is wrong and for some reason they're not saying what.

It was the west coast so I started a chant, "Make us coffee. Make us coffee. Make us coffee." The group of people chimed in, but only briefly, they only chanted with me a few times,  they really weren't that into it. I tried to get them riled up again but it didn't work. California is too laid back to protest over not getting their coffee. They're too compassionate, too understanding. That's when the sharp knock came.


WTF? Why am I waking myself up? Oh well, get up and go to the bathroom anyway. But don't check the door.

I woke myself up. Got up and went to the bathroom. Then against my previous dream-judgement checked the door. Nothing. No note, no package. Nothing.

I f'k'n knew it!

Now, after 4 times, the dream knock is signal I'm dreaming and that's the point where everything changes. I realize my dream-abilites, my body is safely tucked away, and that opens dream possibilities. But each time I must first determine it's not the real door because I would want to get up for that.

I fully expect it to keep happening. My subconscious providing a sharp loud and clear knock telling me I'm dreaming.


Dad Bones said...

Interesting. Some people would say there's no clearly defined state of consciousness between our dream world and our physical world and that we're trained at an early age to disregard the dream stuff so we can get to school on time and hold down a job. When we get old younger people are going to assume we're suffering from some sort of dementia no matter what we do or say which gives us more freedom to make of dreams whatever we like.

rhhardin said...

Communist nationals fear a knock on the door in the night.

US citizens don't. SWAT teams don't knock.

ricpic said...

Did you ever have a dream where you peed in the dream? And then woke up and really had to go? I did.