Sunday, June 3, 2018

Offduty FBI agent accidentally shoots patron at Mile High Spirits, Denver

He was drinking and performing some sick moves solo, culminating in a backflip that dislodged his gun from his belt. The gun fell to the floor harmlessly, but when he rushed to pick it up he accidentally shot another patron who was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injury.

And I mean sick moves, and poorly done backflip. Tsk. So common. For the most part, with rare exceptions, straight white men have to get drunk before they think they can dance. But they still can't. Drinking aleviates the self-consciousness but it doesn't help the dancing or backflips.

It would be to laugh. Seriously, for looking so absurd. But someone actually got hurt and there went all the fun.

Denver Post.  They got it from Denver7news.

Mile High Spirits. On Lawrence at 22nd. 

The FRB takes the block between Curtis and Arapahoe, crossing with the 16th St. Mall and 15th. The streets go Curtis, Arapaho, Lawrence. So then *counts fingers* That's one block over and 6 blocks northeast. Half of that is parking. Our parking. We can go there. 

Hey! We could go there. Let's go to Mile High Spirits and have a few shots. 

I meant to say beers. 

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edutcher said...

Looks like the rot goes all the way through.