Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Mitch McConnell cancels August recess.

NPR says that Mitch says it's due to the obstruction by Senate Democrats of the president's nominees, and the goal of passing appropriations bills.

Democrats responded ... skip
Schumer also challenged ... skip
House Speaker Paul Ryan ... skip

McConnell changed his mind before.

Buzzfeed says Mitch McConnell is doing it to screw with Democrats. Their reporting is half-assed and incorrect and childish. Summer is NOT cancelled.

Sundance says in a long Twitter thread, somewhat repetitively, that McConnell is acting contrary to Trump's goals.

1) Don't be fooled this has nothing to do with supporting Trump.

2)  McConnell is simply trying, yet again, to avoid allowing President Trump from making recess appointments.

3) And simultaneously retaining leverage against the Office of the President for McConnell's own agenda.

4) Remember, last year Senator McConnell used a parliamentary maneuver to block President Trump from making recess appointments.

5) Remember also, it takes every single senator agreeing to the pro-forma session to block the President from making recess appointments. Last year every single Republican Senator agreed to block President Trump. (Whom they oppose).

6) However, this year, with the additional sunlight and public scrutiny upon the DC UniParty, it would have been too politically transparent for McConnell to use the same process to block President Trump again.

7) An increasingly awake electorate is a political risk for McConnell. He simply couldn't block POTUS Trump again. People would have asked uncomfortable questions. McConnell simply needed to change tactics.

8) Simultaneously, McConnell is getting swamped with phone calls from his Wall Street lobbyist financiers demanding he block President Trump's America First initiative on trade. Specifically NAFTA and China.

9) The US Chamber of Commerce, Tom Donohue, Wall Street, Koch Brothers, and the Big Club writ large are fuming. There are trillions at stake, and President Trump is removing their influence in trade constructs.

10) A massive political war to end all wars is looming on the horizon. All the Wall Street interests who oppose the POTUS, and have purchased influence, are positioning all resources for the big trade confrontation.

11) Billions have been spent by Wall Street to purchase U.S. Trade Policy.

12) The Professional GOPe and DEMe are in alignment. Hence the UniParty system of Democrat and Republicans positioning to protect their indulgences is currently underway.

13)  Republican side of the UniParty must be stealthy in their self-interested attacks against the President. The two-party ruse must be maintained. They must keep the deceptive economic fight against Trump from too much sunlight.

14) The financial interests of the professional political class are directly tied to their ability to influence U.S. trade policy. Within this process their individual affluence is created by their position as wealth brokers from the U.S. economy to the multinational corps.

15) This is the accurate setting to understand the motives of McConnell positioning for leverage in the economic confrontation against Trump. Years spent constructing the global trade system. There are billions of graft, kickbacks and corruption involved.

16) Cancellation of the August senate recess has nothing to do with supporting PresidentTrump, and everything to do with McConnell positioning for maximum influence and affluence retention. There are billions at stake.

Additionally, in another post, Sundance writes, On Cue – Mitch McConnell Welcomes Legislation To Block President Trump Trade Policy…

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edutcher said...

Have to disagree, to a point.

A lot of people who have otherwise been cursing him say McConnell has done a good job of pushing through Trump's nominees for the Federal bench. Some say it's to get back at the Demos, and especially Dingy Harry, for all the non-collegial games the Demos played.

McConnell may not be Trump's best bud and may not support everything he wants, but, at 76, we'll see if he wants another term (his ends in '20). If so, he needs to make nice if he wants to get re-elected; if not, he may just be polishing his legacy.