Thursday, June 7, 2018

Hey There It's Yogi Bear

Yogi had a hard time adjusting after he was divorced from Cindy. Boo Boo had left to live in a guest house on OJ Simpsons place and Ranger Smith had moved on to Washington. The old gang was gone and the grotto was empty. Nobody was visiting him anymore. So he decided to do what a lot of lonely middle aged men do. His good friend shouting thomas introduced him to an Asian dating site where he started to correspond with a lovely Panda named Ling Ling. They emailed back and forth and skyped until she took the plunge and flew over to meet with him. Yogi was in love. Because even though she was a bear she liked to do it doggie style.
(Joseph Barbera. Hey There, It’s Yogi Bear The E True Hollywood Story of Yogi Bear)

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