Sunday, June 10, 2018

Another O'Henry Ending.....

Lately I have been taking advantage of my Kindle's Unlimited abitlity to download books for free. This feature allows Kindle authors to put their work out there and be compensated by a pool of the fees for Kindle Unlimited members. So you can get a bunch of free books.

I have been reading a bunch of detective stories about a private eye called Quinn. Actually an insurance investigator out of Philly. There are about ten books and they are pretty good. Nothing earth shattering but a good quick read.

Then there is a time travel series about this guy who is transported back to the Alamo and changes everything. He is transported into Colonel Travis's body and changes the course of history. There are three books so far and they are pretty cool.

Then there is one that made me smile. It's called "The Austrian Painter." In it they suppose that Germany wins the first World War. France is the main enemy and they come to peace with Britain because the war ends before the massive slaughter. The US is not involved and Britain keeps it's empire. The Kaiser stays in control as does the Czar. No communism.

It is very obvious who the Austrian painter is supposed to be. He is a vet of the first war and makes a decent living as painter in a peaceful prosperous Germany. The problem of colonialism is the main world wide problem and causes a war between France and Germany. Where this guy because a spokesman for the peace movement.

They reveal who he is in the last line of the story. You have to be a moron to have not figured it out but there are a lot of morons out there. In any event it is a great example of an O'Henry ending.  I have to laugh. Nice concept. Good execution. Well done.

Plus you can read it for free.


edutcher said...

Man, that does sound wild.

When you really let your mid run wild, a lot of crazy things can come up.

I do like the part about Britain keeping its Empire. People scream, but, in the end, it was a force for good. The Frawgs not so much.

rhhardin said...

I was in Vienna one summer in 1960 and there's nothing to do there, since Hitler left.