Friday, June 8, 2018

Andre Rush

White House chefs.

Per Voice of America.
Our Veteran chefs are Andre Rush a retired Army Master Sergeant Chef who currently prepares nutritionally balanced and delicious foods at the White House in Washington DC and is a Master Chef trained in classical plating, baking/ cake decoration, and a master ice carver. The other veteran and chef is Charles Johnson, a retired Army Staff Sergeant Chef who has worked as the Culinary Arts Instructor for the Fort Bliss Culinary Arts Team and was classically trained thru the United States Army and the Culinary Institute of America.
Source pics, more information at Barstool Sports.

Andre's been discovered by the internet. Suddenly he's everywhere all at once, Imgur, Snapchat, Facebook, and especially Twitter. There are several other photographs of Andre while he was building up to his insane size. The internet seems to believe he's Trump's chef but images show him with Obama. The internet is amazed such a buff dude would settle on something so sissy as decorating cakes.

Nobody mentions his unique technique.


AllenS said...

Those are some serious arms.

deborah said...

It's good to see them hiring from the inside. Awesome. The comments at Barstool really rip on the poster.