Saturday, August 5, 2017

"Facebook Traps People In A 'Cycle Of Failure' That Makes Them Keep Using It"

"Trying to leave just makes you want to come back even more, study says"
And it's all because – despite how it might feel – going on there makes you feel good, according to the new research.

Even briefly looking at something related to Facebook, like its logo or the news feed, can be enough to give people great pleasure. A desire to repeat that pleasure keeps people logging on they found, and triggers cravings when people aren't logged on...

"People are learning this reward feeling when they get to Facebook," she said. "What we show with this study is that even with something as simple as the Facebook logo, seeing the Facebook wall of a friend or seeing anything associated with Facebook, is enough to bring that positive association back."
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edutcher said...

I can see it.

Getting all those "likes", as if people really love you.

People who need a lot of validation would definitely flock to it.

(notice I used the word "flock")

bagoh20 said...

It sure wasted a lot of my time for about a year. Zucker owes me, big league.

ampersand said...

I opened a facebook account because I needed to locate some people. What a pain in the butt that was, You type in a name and state and it gives you nada or people in completely different states. I managed to locate some folks by finding them as friends on other peoples facebook pages. They had pages but were not discovered by doing a simple search on their names.
There are many facebook sites that are impossible to search because it is one page and you must scroll repeatedly to the bottom to bring up addition information.
I made the mistake of liking one company that was holding a contest. I don't sign on to my facebook page often, but when I did there was page after page of useless information from that company. To find out how to delete any of it you have to search the net as facebook gives absolutely no instructions on how to stop or delete anything.
Honestly, how do they make money? Are businesses so bamboozled by the hype they think they're increasing the bottom line by utilizing facebook?

AJ Lynch said...

I own a few shares of its stock so this sounds like good news to me. But I have never used Facebook.

Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

I hate peer pressure. I hate it more than acquiescing to it.