Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Study: "Lack of sleep causes people to take risky decisions"

Via Drudge: The authors, who took brain scans during the tasks, found slow sleep waves were reduced in the right prefrontal cortex, which previous studies show is linked to higher risk-seeking behaviour.

‘We assume that behavioural changes occur for anatomical-functional reasons to some extent as a result of the right prefrontal cortex not being able to recover properly due to a chronic lack of sleep,’ Professor Baumann said.

Around 30 per cent of us do not get enough sleep and the study, published in the journal Annals of Neurology, ends with a warning.

It states: ‘While we cannot exclude that individuals in positions that require high-impact decision-making may be more resilient to the effects of sleep restriction, our results suggest that all of us, but particularly leaders of companies and countries, are well advised to work and make decisions only when fully sleep-satiated.’

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Methadras said...

Really? Shit, I should be dead by now then.

ricpic said...

So I guess the only solution is for the sleep deprived to walk around with tires around their waists. Those bumper cars were fun weren't they?

XRay said...

What a crock of shit.

"We assume" in the second para the tell. What kind of fucking science is that.

"fully sleep-satiated"

Yeah right. Either since my first full night with a woman, or, standing perimeter watch in SVN. Both incurred sleep interruptus.

Course, guess my being in either situation, was a result of sleep deprivation to begin with?