Friday, August 18, 2017

"Iceland close to becoming first country where no Down's syndrome children are born"

Via InstapunditIceland is close to becoming the first country where no-one gives birth to a child with Down's syndrome.

Pre-natal tests were introduced in the early 2000s, and the vast majority who receive a positive test have terminated their pregnancy.

While the tests are optional, all expectant mothers are informed about their availability, and up to 85 per cent choose to take it.

It’s called the Combination Test, and uses ultrasound and blood tests – as well as factoring in the mother’s age.

This determines whether the foetus will have a chromosome abnormality, the most common of which results in Down's syndrome.

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edutcher said...

I'll put money on Sparta.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

I suppose in Iceland they could leave them out to exposure, but the Night King might come and turn them into White Walkers that would come back and slay them all.

They might have it coming.

rcommal said...

Meanwhile, here in the USA, my favorite brother-in-law (younger than am I, oh by the way) just--and I DO mean JUST now--got through surgery after having--out of the blue--a heart attack less than 48 hours ago.

Thank God for the other parts of medical technology and expertise.

ndspinelli said...

Iceland, of course is socialist w/ the Ministry of Welfare overseeing healthcare. Not much welfare for those fetuses. I have a special place in my heart for Down's kids. A good friend I played football w/ had a brother w/ Down's. He was fairly high functioning. Mikey found a haven in the Boys Scouts. Mikey died at age 52. I, and anyone who met Mikey are better people for having known him. So, let's celebrate, soon there will be no Mikey's in Iceland.

The only country I ever saw Anthony Bourdain totally rip a new asshole was Iceland. "Worst food in the world."

john said...

"We look at it as a thing that we ended."

Well know, that puts baby killing in a completely different light, doesn't it?

john said...
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john said...

Let's go to the stats:

There were 951 abortions and 4129 live births in Iceland in 2014 (last year reported). That's an abortion rate of 18.7%.

Down syndrome has a frequency of 1 in 700 live births for the US, or 0.14% of live births. Assuming the same rate for Iceland (don't know if that's true), then Iceland saved a grand total of 5 Downs babies from being born in 2014 (since from the article they carelessly let 2 Downs babies live, bringing the total to 7).

That means you have to kill 944 non-Downs babies a year to catch those 5 sneaky Downs babies from being born.

But..., and there is always a but:

Iceland, even killing 951 babies still missed nearly 29% of the Downs babies (2/7). Assuming, and the math gets sticky here, that to achieve a successful harvest of all the Downs babies, which means getting the number of live Downs babies statistically less than 1, then the abortion rate would have to double plus 1. That would be 1,903 abortions a year, or 37.5% of all pregnancies. That's 1,896 abortions of non-Downs babies to harvest 7 (rounded) Downs babies.

Although statistically valid, this may still not give much comfort to Icelandic women who must suffer most of their fertile lives with the uncertainty that these tests are not perfect and statistics may not apply to one's individual situation. For them, nothing less than an abortion rate of 100% is required.

edutcher said...

john said...

We look at it as a thing that we ended.

Well know, that puts baby killing in a completely different light, doesn't it?

Kinderrein instead of Judenrein

rcommal said...

I have a special place in my heart for Down's kids

Me, too.

rcommal said...

Also--something that RAA knew about, for just one example--when I got pregnant with my son (within a year of miscarrying my first child), the son who is now a senior in high school, it was sort of horrific. At that time, I was undergoing some surgery, and a drug used during surgery and then a drug prescribed thereafter to me was toxic, in terms of pregnancy.

Now, I, we, could have gone straight to abortion. I, we, didn't. Helluva risk. Fortunately, we got lucky. Thanks be to God.

Trooper York said...

Did I ever tell you that I met Bjork once at the store.

She bought a bunch of expensive lingerie.

People from Iceland are weirdos. Just sayn'

rcommal said...

And you guys wonder why it's so easy to toss aside, or even throw back twice as hard, so much of the monkey-crap you routinely throw at me.

Heh. I am far tougher than you know.

rcommal said...

@Trooper York:

Thanks be to God that my husband and I are weirdos. The fruits of our weirdness is a senior in in high school.

Quit being a hypocrite and an idiot, Troop, on this topic.

Or, don't. Whatever.

ricpic said...

The further north you go the crueler the "evolved" people become.

A lifetime of observation behind that profound statement. Don't tell me I'm not deep!

Leland said...

It's interesting reading the stories about Iceland as portrayed by the MSM, juxtaposed with stories of the US's supposed Nazi problem. I suspect Hitler would have been just fine with eliminating the Jews by just forcing abortion of their unborn. Certainly Margaret Sanger though it would work with blacks.

Trooper York said...

rccommal you really are around the bend.

I was talking about Bjork who is one of two people who I met from Iceland and who was a nut burger. Both of those people were just crazy weird.

Anybody who aborts a child is not a weirdo. They are evil and are damned to hell for all Eternity. Thank God that you did not and had a beautiful son. God Bless you and your family.

I hope you find peace.

rcommal said...

Why, thank you, Troop, you awesome guy, you.