Wednesday, August 30, 2017

"A few brave professors"

Via InstapunditFifteen professors at Harvard, Yale and Princeton have written an open letter urging students to resist campus orthodoxy. “Think for yourself,” they urge. James Freeman at the WSJ calls this good news, and I guess it is these days. But why does this even need to be said? And what about the rest of the professoriate. There are at least 3,000 faculty members (and as many as 8,000, depending on who’s counting whom as faculty) at these three universities, which means the 15 signatories represent, at most, one-half of one percent of the faculty. Maybe the other 99.5 percent could not be reached for comment in their safe spaces.

Meanwhile, Yale’s president, Peter Salovey (definitely not a signatory), has found yet another way to beclown himself and his school. It was bad enough when Yale covered up a Puritan’s musket in a stone carving on the wall of its library (at the behest of a committee of censors responsible for shielding students’ eyes from art that was “not appropriate”). Yale was widely mocked for this vandalism, and even Salovey managed to be embarrassed. ““Such alteration represents an erasure of history, which is entirely inappropriate at a university,” he proclaimed.

His brilliant solution: Take down the whole piece of art! It will be moved (with the musket brazenly uncovered) to “an as-yet-undecided location where it will be available for study and viewing,” the Yale Daily News solemnly reports, without a hint that anyone at the newspaper realizes what a farce this is. Maybe they’ll get the joke when they see it on a future episode of “The Simpsons,” whose writers are in deep debt to Salovey and his sensitive students.



Methadras said...

Leftists are truly a deranged species of humans. Oh, let's not just take down art that offends, but move it somewhere else so it cannot be seen. See, we didn't destroy it like ISIS would, therefore we aren't like ISIS. lulz

Amartel said...

It's really not that many profs. I think I read somewhere that this represents a fraction of a percentage of the professoriate just at these schools. The rest of them are all busy preparing their indoctrination plans about whitehate and manrage and Trumpspew and would never feel the need to encourage a student to think.

Good luck, guys, when the little stooges return to their subsidized playpen. U recommend investing in a poo-guard and an emergency taser. Also, don't drive the "nice" car to work.

edutcher said...

That's a shot heard round the world.

One wonders just how bad the Lefty numbers are. Might we hope the public has had enough?

ricpic said...

"Might we hope the public has had enough?"

I don't see the cops anywhere breaking Antifa heads when Antifa starts breaking "haters'" heads. Until that happens the Left is winning and free speech is losing. And by the way, the public, which may have had enough, doesn't mean squat in "the correlation of forces" as long as the most the public does is grumble.

ampersand said...

Spare the rod, spoil the millennial. Lesson? Pack a rod.